Lutron vs Hubitat Alexa Integration

I have linked my Lutron (Caseta) account with Alexa, so that my Lutron devices can be controlled via voice.

Are there any advantages (or conflicts) for me to share my Lutron devices with Alexa via the Hubitat Alexa Skill?

What happens if a Lutron device is shared with Alexa via linking my Lutron and Alexa accounts AND that same device is shared with Alexa via the Hubitat Alexa skill? Will that create a conflict?

Yes, that would be inadvisable.


Besides the conflict mentioned above, I would think it would be easier to manage everything in one place instead of two.

I can't remember if you can do this through Lutron, but with Hubitat you can pick and choose what devices to share with Alexa. Most hubs make you share all or none.

With Hubitat, you can transform one device type to another before sharing with Alexa. A Pico remote (button) could become a switch or even a motion sensor via a rule/app. Alexa doesn't recognize or allow use of certain device types in Alexa Routines, so you may want to transform one device to another.

There may be more, but these are the few things off the top of my head.


You’d have duplicate devices in your Amazon Alexa app.

One created by the Lutron-Alexa integration, and one created by the Hubitat-Alexa integration, both corresponding to the same physical Lutron switch/dimmer.

So as @aaiyar and @neonturbo explained, yes you’d be creating a situation prone to conflicts.

Did you have a specific goal in mind?


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