Lutron transition + scene transition

Lutron dimmers have a transition time in their settings.

Scenes have transition times.

Scene Transitions have transition times.

How do all 3 of these work together, are they concurrent or sequential? Does one override the others?

The Lutron dimmer transition time starts when the dimmer is turned on; that time will be added to the end of any other transition time.

The end? So one the light is fully on or fully off? That doesnโ€™t make any sense.

No, the end of any other transition times (scene or scene transition).

Lutron dimmer transition time begins when the on command is sent to the device. These can be overridden by a Scene Transition, that sends a different device transition time.

Scene Transitions are completely separate from the device transition. A Scene Transition is a series of commands sent to the devices over time. How these interact with the device transition time is that when the new level command is sent to the device during the sequence, the device will apply its own preset transition time to that command.

Best bet: try it to see if it works the way you want.

ok, lets say you have a lutron dimmer set to 0% with a transition time of 5 sec

This light is triggered by a scene to go from 0% to 100% and the scene's transition time is 5 seconds

Then you have a scene transition set to 60 seconds...

at 30 seconds what percentage is the lutron dimmer? 50% or 42.85% or 75% is the total transition time for this light 60 second or 40 seconds or 80 seconds?

The timing of the Scene Transition is completely independent of what the device does.

Turn on logs, and try it....

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