Lutron to Lutron Simple Lighting delay

I just got my Hubitat and I was setting up my first Simply Lighting automation with my Lutron Caseta Dimmers and I noticed that when I setup a Lutron to Lutron automation with Hubitat there's about a 3-4 second delay.

This Simple Lighting automation just turns on a dimmer when another dimmer is turned on. Each time the dimmer being controlled takes 3-4 seconds to turn on/off. My simple automation:

Is there a work around for this delay?

I just created this same automation to test. It was almost instantaneous for me. Both lights were pretty much in sync. Both lights in your automation are Casetas correct?

Don’t use it as a switch trigger, use it as a dimmer trigger. The “switch” for lutron dimmers probably doesn’t trigger “on” until it’s 100%, and there’s a 3 second fade in time.

Yes, both are Caseta Dimmers. It’s strange since if I use the Lutron app to turn on the light the delay is about 1 sec but if I use the physical switch the delay is about 3-4 sec.

Delay is the same even when using dimmer level to turn on/off.

I can confirm the delay is noticeable when using the dimmer control, but it’s much quicker when using a pico slaved to the dimmer instead.

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This must be a Lutron Caseta issue since I just setup the same automation in HomeKit and the same delay occurred.

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