Lutron "telnet support" disabled itself today.... Nothing Lutron was working

Realizing this is a bit of an old post, I thought I'd try anyway. During the recent snow-pocolypse that we went thru here in Texas, the power loss events were plentiful. Now that things have returned to normal, my Telnet connection is lost. I see "Telnet connect failed, trying again in 60 seconds..." recurring in the logs.

I have rebooted both Hubitat and Lutron Pro hubs. I've removed and reinstalled the Lutron Integrator. Still nothing. I do not see Hubitat listed as a "Integrations/Connections" in the Lutron app, but do see Alexa and that has been working fine. I have full, normal control of lights via Alexa. There is no response for any Lutron devices in Hubitat.

I'm at a loss of what to look for from here. I've attempted to test the telnet connection from my Mac Terminal, but it seems Mac OS no longer supports Telnet.

Could the assigned IP address of your Lutron hub changed? I would verify it and compare to the settings within the HE Lutron app.

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Thanks for the reply @ritchierich. When I reinstalled the Lutron Integrator I obtained the IP directly from my Lutron app, so I'm pretty sure I have the correct IP.

You can add telnet by adding Home-brew. Just google mac telnet and you will find plenty of details on how to install.

Also, Alexa does not use telnet… I believe it is a cloud-to-cloud connection between Lutron and Alexa.

Just checking… you have tried powering off the Lutron bridge since the power outage?

I Homebrew-installed Telnet and "telnet xxx.xx.x.xx" connected. It asked me for login creds tho, which I don't think I know. ??

If this is correct, it would seem there is something amiss in my HE Telnet stuff, yes?

Also, yes...multiple restarts of both HE and Lutron hub since power issues settled down.

Username: lutron
Password: integration

Thx @ogiewon...I had forgotten about those.

So it seems that it connects, but only after typing in the username/password twice.

$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
login: lutron
password: integration
login: lutron
password: integration

I see the exact same thing on my SmartBridge Pro using PuTTY as my Telnet client. Hubitat is still connected and working fine with my Lutron devices.

So what I think this tells me though is that the Lutron hub is working fine and properly receiving telnet comms, right? Since the Hubitat hub is not able to connect to that same Lutron hub, I'm thinking there must be something wrong with the Hubitat end of this. Is there any other way to check that connection? ...or perhaps other things to try in order to restore it?

What I would do is enable the debug and descriptive logging on the "Lutron Telnet" device, as shown below. Be sure to click SAVE after enabling these two toggles. Then, in another window, open the Live Logs. Go back to the Lutron Telnet Device and click INITIALIZE and watch the other Live Logs window for clues.


It seems I did have description Text logging enabled, but not debug logging. I set that to True, Saved Preferences, and Initialized. It seems to still are the logs:

Are both the Hubitat Hub and Lutron SmartBridge Pro on the same VLAN?

As a quick test, just to see if something may have changed, I added my Caseta SmartBridge Pro to my Hubitat C7 development hub. I was able to add it without any issues, and I can see that it successfully connected and is communicating.

Please verify the IP address of the SmartBridge Pro in your Hubitat Hub's Lutron Integration App. Perhaps you have a typo? Just a guess.

maybe ip address changed on the lutron.. check the router dhcp logs if you know the nic my guess its getting a different ip.

Good suggestion, and I just did verify it. But also did a complete uninstall and install of Lutron Integration device last night in an attempt to get this working again and got the IP Address right then too. Also, I'm successfully connecting to the Lutron hub via telnet from my Mac Terminal to that same IP address. Once connected, I send a junk string ("test", etc) to it and I immediately get a response of "~ERROR,Enum=(6, 0x00000006)", which I believe tells me I'm successfully connected and it's listening as expected.

I just can't help but think something is not right with the Telnet stuff in my Hubitat hub.

Sounds like you've done about as much troubleshooting as you can. You may want to send a PM to @support_team . I am also tagging @bobbyD and @bravenel from Hubitat, as perhaps one of them has seen this behavior.

A few more questions, if you don't mind...

  1. What model Hubitat hub are using?
  2. What firmware version is your hub running?
  3. What is the LAN IP address of the Hubitat Hub?
  4. What is the LAN IP address of the SmartBridge Pro?
  5. What type of network hardware are you using?

Note: Those IP addresses are private, and useless to hackers from outside your network. If a hacker is already inside your network, you've got bigger problems than them figuring out what IP addresses these two devices use. :wink:

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its very easy to check whether it is the hub or not just try to telent directly via ip with a windows command prompt or mac.. and send the appripriate commands if it still returns an error it is your lutron.. i doubt telnet would have died in the hub without the whole hub going.

First let me thank you for your time and effort @ogiewon. I do appreciate it.

Here's my attempt to answer your questions:

  1. What model Hubitat hub are using? -- Hardware Rev C-7
  2. What firmware version is your hub running? -- Platform
  3. What is the LAN IP address of the Hubitat Hub? --
  4. What is the LAN IP address of the SmartBridge Pro? --
  5. What type of network hardware are you using? Eero mesh

I'm still attempting to look at my AT&T router logs for any clue as to these requests coming thru from Hubitat to Lutron, per @kahn-hubitat suggestion above.

have the hub and the bridge always been on different networks?
and when you're connecting from your computer to the bridge, was the computer on the same network as the hub?

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This is probably the problem. The two devices are on two different networks. This is often an issue created by mesh network systems. What happens if you plug both the Hubitat Hub and the SmartBridge Pro into the same network switch, which is then connected to an Eero main router?

I wonder if your Eero mesh network recently updated its firmware? Just a guess as to how something may have changed, if you didn't move the one of the two devices.

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