Lutron Smart Switch (or Diva Dimmer) with Accessory Switch vs Mechanical switch

with lutron coming out with the accessory switch what advantages does this have over just using a rocker mechanical switch?

i installed a few accessory switches today and they worked great but im wondering why to use those vs a mechanical switch.

here shows directions for both installs; Installing Caséta for a light with two switches | Lutron

A few advantages -

  • The accessory switch is always top for on, bottom for off. A mechanical switch could be reversed.
  • The accessory switch will go to preset dim level at first tap, and full on at second tap. This is the main reason I needed these.
  • The look, feel, operation of the switch is consistent with the rest of the Diva/Claro switches.

Good points on all! didnt even think about it. i have a box that is REALLY tight with old school mechanical switches and are almost never used so that helps alot.

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One of the big benefits of the Diva's for me was that I could still use mechanical switches and not have to purchase a bunch of accessory switches or Pico's since I have a ton of 3-way and even a 5-way switch setups.

The preset dim level is a nice feature, but then again I strive to setup my automations so I do not need to touch the switches and the lights just go on and at the right levels automatically.

The only reason I would really consider buying an accessory switch is if it had a dimmer, which these do not. But even so we rarely touch the dimmers since I have setup automations so that we do not really need to anymore.


I install these all the time so I have a lot of experience in installing both.

My recommendation would be to use the accessory switch for these reasons.

  1. The look matches the Diva and Claro switches
  2. The switch is always in the center position; not on or not off like a mechanical
  3. A double tap turns the lights for full dim and a single tap turn the lights on to the dim level set
  4. You can do 4 way+ up to 10 switches on one circuit. I have found that there are more of these setups out there than people realize. You can only do a 3 way switch with a mechanical switch.
    5)Using an accessory switch does not count towards the 75 limit. Mechanical switches also do not count so this is really an advantage over Picos.

The 5 way switch setups would work well with the Accessory switch without adding to the 75 limit. One Diva and 4 accessory switches.

The 3 way mechanical switch position depends on the last time it was used. If it is in the on position and the switch is off then putting it in to the off position would turn on the switch and visa versa. The accessory switch is always in the center position so people understand it better when using it.

You can install the Diva with a 4/5-way switch setup without the accessory switch as I have a 5-way setup with mechanical switches and all switches work as intended.

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Wow. I learn something everyday. Lutron specifically told me it will not work in their meetup about the product. I will have to give a test try soon.

Yeah it may not work in all cases as there any multiple ways to wire a multi-switch setup. I put the Diva in the box with the load to the light and capped off one of the two traveler wires, since only 1 is needed with the Diva and it worked.

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