Lutron Smart Bridge Pro 2 vs Smart Bridge Pro (vs not 2)

If I'm looking to integrate with my Lutron Caseta dimmers, must I buy the Smart Bridge Pro or will the Smart Bridge Pro 2 also work? I cannot seem to find the regular Smart Bridge Pro, only the Pro 2.

Bonus points to anyone who has a good link for a lower priced Smart Bridge Pro (with or without extra dimmers)


Lutron no longer supports the original/non-2 Smart Bridge Pro (or Smart Bridge). You need "2" version in order to be able to register it, a prerequisite to its actual use.

That being said, some people here have reported good luck with Lutron support being awesome and swapping it out. But if you're buying one "new" (or used), I wouldn't risk it and just get the 2. What you're finding that is marketed as the "Smart Bridge Pro" is, if new, quite likely the Smart Bridge Pro 2. You can tell by the model number: L-BDGPRO-WH vs L-BDBPRO2-WH (the difference being the "2" that corresponds to, surprise, the 2).

The lowest price is often from Energy Avenue: Lutron L-BDGPRO2-WH Smart Bridge Pro2 | Energy Avenue, but it's about $10 USD higher there now than it used to be. Still not bad. However, if you scour eBay, you can probably find a good deal on a used one once in a while.


Thank you @bertabcd1234! And I assume the 2 works with Hubitat correct?

Short answer, The Smart Bridge Pro 2 (L-BDGPRO2) is what you want.


I believe the only difference of note between the two versions of the Lutron pro bridge is the addition of HomeKit support, which isn’t relevant for Hubitat integration. That uses telnet, and is no different between the two versions of the Lutron pro bridge.

But like @bertabcd1234 said, you won’t be able to register the older version of the bridge with Lutron.

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Yes, the 2 is all you can get to work at all anymore, and as mentioned above, you'll specifically need the Smart Bridge Pro 2. (The non-Pro lacks the telnet interface Hubitat uses to communicate locally.)

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I found the Smart Bridge Pro2 WAY cheaper at They are also a 3rd party Amazon seller, and I bought a Pro2 Hub, Lutron Light Switch, and Pico for $146 on Amazon. On their web site you can get the Pro2 Hub for $120.

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Thanks @sethbartal! I think finding and sharing low cost devices will help the community grow even more!


Just wanted to give you guys some insight into my own great experience with Lutron. I acquired a new Lutron Pro (1) bridge from a relative... I reached out to Lutron and for no charge (!) they sent me the Pro 2 Version of the bridge so that I could integrate it with my HE system and Pico remotes! What a great gesture! They've gained a long-term customer from me!


Where is the US can I buy the L-BDGPRO2-WH?

Lutron Caseta Wirless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge PRO-- Includes dimmer, Pico remote, smart bridge pro and the Lutron App -