Lutron Shades Help

Just getting started with my new Hubitat and got the Lutron Integrator app working with no problem. My issue is that I have four Lutron Horizontal Sheer Blinds that show up under my devices, and I can control the raise and lower function, but I don't see any settings for the blind tilt feature. Is this something that can be customized or added?

The main reason I bought the Hubitat, by the way, was to add conditional logic to my shades (particularly with tilt) — something not possible out of the box with the RadioRa 2 system.

We haven't implemented the tilt functions yet. However, it isn't going to be particularly difficult. We will look into adding this feature.

Ha! There is no such thing as "conditional logic" in a RadioRa 2 system! Lutron prides themselves on there being no "if" in Lutron.

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Thanks for the quick response, @bravenel! Looking forward to the tilt feature when it comes.

Hi, @bravenel, any update on this feature? I feel like I'm finally so close to getting my home system the way I want it — controlling blind tilt is the last thing on my wish list. Thanks!

I will look into this next week. I may call on you to be my tester!

I'd be happy to oblige!