Lutron Repeaters?

I just added a Peanut Smart Switch and a Pico remote in a room upstairs. These are my only automation devices upstairs. The Pico turns the Peanut on and off via Hubitat. I can reliably power the Peanut on and off through the Hubitat interface on my laptop. However, the Pico is hit and miss. I presume based on this that the weak link is the Pico and not the Peanut.

So it seems that I need to boost the Lutron signal. Doesn't every Lutron Caseta wall dimmer serve as a repeater as well? Is there a device I can merely plug in a wall outlet that will act as a repeater for the Lutron Pico or will I have to install a new in-wall Caseta dimmer somewhere upstairs in an optimal location to act as a repeater? It'd be nice if I could just plug something into an outlet.

Yes, this is the ONLY way to add a Lutron Clear Connect repeater. Also, you can only have one repeater, so placement is important.

This is the only Lutron Clear Connect Range Extender device.

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Great. At that price I guess I'd rather just get a wall dimmer. However, prior to buying one, can you confirm that I have my facts straight and that each Caseta wall dimmer acts as a repeater?

Unfortunately, wall dimmers do NOT act repeaters. Only the first plug in dimmer can be a repeater.


No, Lutron wall dimmers DO NOT act as a Clear Connect (Lutron) repeater. Only the first plug-in dimmer module that you install in your system (hub). While I have never tried it, I don't believe one plug-in dimmer will work for a second hub (if you are in a two Lutron Hub environment as I think we both are).

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Thanks for posting this, it clarify's my confusion as well. I assumed the first dimmer I added was the repeater. So the first dimmer I added I made sure to do the furthest away from the hub.

On a bonus note that means with it working great being the furthest out, so far it appears I may not ever need one (hopefully)


Well, I'm glad I asked. For some reason I thought that every Caseta dimmer also acted as a repeater. I am hereby educated now. I don't have any Lutron plug-in modules so I guess I'll get one and hopefully it will feed some of the upstairs area. Eric, you are correct about the additional hubs. I have a router + Lutron Bridge + HE hub in the house, downstairs. Additionally, I have one of each in a detached garage as well. Although I have another router serving the upstairs area of the house, I'd prefer not to have to purchase yet another Lutron hub and HE hub to go along with it. Hopefully, all I need is to repeat the Lutron signal. Being a plug-in device, it will be easier to find ideal placement.

FYI, that is true for mesh protocols like Zigbee and Z-Wave. Clear Connect isn't (and honestly, that's probably why people find it so fast and reliable), but Lutron did add that ability to use one plug-in Dimmer as an "extender" a couple years ago. If you have an even larger area to cover than Caséta (with this) allows, RA2 is what they want you do use for larger areas or more devices (you can add multiple repeaters in these systems)--but if you automate everything through Hubitat, a second Caséta would work just as well, especially now that you don't need workarounds like a second Lutron account to set up a second one.

That being said, in your case, I'm assuming this one extender will solve your problems. Just in case anyone else needs to know... :slight_smile:

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Update I just returned from Home Depot where I picked up one of these modules and got it configured into Lutron's Bridge and the HE hub. Solved all my problems.

Thanks for all the guidance!!


Not just a dimmer but a plug in dimmer. I made this mistake and added my first wall switch dimmer thinking it will be the best location for repeater.
I ended up having no plug in dimmer but I was lucky enough to get everything working. It's hard to justify the price of a plug just for repeater but what can you do when you need one :man_shrugging:t2: