Lutron RadioRA2 Motion Sensors and Hubitat- worth it?

Of course, that's available in the various rules apps.

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Anything different in your opinions now verses previous posts in here?

I'm leaning towards RA2 Select as the motion is the only difference I can see which I can combat through the light on/off.

RA2 Select from my research can do scenes etc, to keep dimming at a certain level. I presume if I want more time / light based control I can automate that from HE using scenes.

The mobile app, whilst not relevant for me particularly, would add some wife friendliness

Anything I'm missing? I'm happy to do the training etc. web setup not an issue, just struggling to see what the benefit for the extra cost is for my use but don't want to get the wrong thing!

Given the price difference, relative to the overall investment, I'd just buy a RA2 main repeater on eBay, and take the online training for it. I would not use RA2 Select.

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I agree on skipping Select. Besides not providing Telnet feed for motion sensors, Select dimmers always come on at 100% and do not support seeTouch keypads.

If you have the time I'd also wait just a while to see what Lutron's announcement is going to do.

RA3, no doubt. $64000 questions: Is it backwards compatible with RA2? Does it support Telnet?

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Or will they document their new LEAP(?) API for equivalent functionality?



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Well it was RA3 and looks LEAP - didn't see anything about Telnet but others might have?

Other issue, is I can't see the training online now for RA2 - does the software have a specific key or anything or is it something someone could send if so inclined?
EDIT _ found in US training not Europe

See this thread for more discussion:

The Europe product is RA2 Select.

There is no required training as all the programming is done via the same Lutron app as Caséta. I don't believe that motion sensors are included in the Telnet feed for RA2 Select.

EDIT - working now randomly! Obviously just took a while for things to initialise

All is worked - but the motion sensors seem to take a while to work through the HE. It takes about 7-10 seconds to come on.

Where as all the other commands with the Lutron lights take tops of 2 seconds to activate (similar in SWITCH - HE - LIGHT). I'm using Motion and Mode Lighting App.

Anyone else found the same? Wanted to check others performance being deep diving or equally if they've encountered and fixed even better.

yeah, something needs help...

What is the device type of the light being controlled?
Do you also have a Caseta bridge at the same location as the RadioRA2 main repeater?
And if so did you change the RA2 repeaters frequency in the advanced settings?

Its a Ra2Select Dimmer controlling the LED light bulbs (same as all the switches)

My set up has all of the Light Dimmers on Ra2Select (as I'm in the UK so can't get proper RadioRa2 stuff) which then also has the app.

The RaidoRa2 Main Repeater then has all the motion sensors and switches on it. All are hardwired in to the network, they're in the same switch as well as it happens (Ubiquiti).

In terms of the RA2 repeater frequency - not sure what you mean so that could be it... I've changed the motion sensor frequency on the device itself (to the lowest setting 1 minute) but thinking you mean something else?

Thanks for the help Mike

So you have both a RA2 Select bridge and a RA2 Main Repeater right?
Select has the dimmers and the RA2 Main Repeater has the motion detectors?, is that correct?

That is Mike yes. The Pico switches (which work near instantly) are also on the RA2 Main Repeater

right, the issue is that both ra2 and select are running on the same rf channel, when clearConnect sees communication from another bridge on the same channel it waits for things to quiet down, then retries the command.
You will need to go into the RA2 main repeater using the advanced settings and change channels, you will also have to change the channels on all the RA2 devices to match.
Once this is complete the bridge to bridge command delays will go away.


Here is a thread that @mike.maxwell started a while back which will probably be useful in changing the RA2 Main Repeater's Clear Connect RF's frequency.