Lutron RadioRA2 Keypad Press or Release?

I ran a test. It is the scene saver setting ("Save changes on button hold" in the software) that is causing the press event to be 4 instead of 3.

Well, there you go. So, I don't think the "push" event is a 4 - it is a release event and the semantics of the way keypads work with scene saver is that "release" (i.e. 4) is what fires off the scene. There is no "push" event that has any meaning with scene saver on - except to the extent the system gobbles it up and does something if you hold long enough.

Anyway, it sounds like the sw update that allows a release to be sent for a particular button will address the issue.

Maybe. But I'd call it a bug. Releases always are preceded by a push. And all other Lutron button pushes are 3s. Telnet is for 3rd party control and this issue will screw them all up unless the 3rd party system also has a setting for this scene saver function.

I'd call it a "feature".

You can use the keypad that sends 4 instead of 3 now to trigger something in Rule Machine, as it allows pushed and released for a Button trigger on a keypad device. If you want to send a Release in an action, you will need the next release of the platform.


OK. Sounds good. I need the release in an action so will need to wait. FWIW, "scene saver" has been part of RadioRA2 since 6.0 - early 2013. So, feature or bug, it is just a question of how many people have it turned on. It is off by default so perhaps is not tripped over much in the wild.

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