Lutron RadioRA2 HVAC Support Revisited

I am new to Hubitat but am a very experienced RadioRA2 programmer (Level2, Inclusive w/Shades). I also know the Lutron Integration protocol incredibly well as I have been working with it for around 10 years and have written many custom scripts (ie Telnet based) and integrations using if/then string matching, regex, ect. So a Hubitat newbie but a Lutron expert.

I am hoping someone can clarify whether or not Hubitat will support Lutron RA2 HVAC controllers [P/N: LR-HVAC-1] that have attached/associated Wireless Temperature Sensors [P/N: LRF2-TWRB-XX*]. In other words, I have a fully operational RadioRA2 (Inclusive) system that has no thermostat and only has the RA2 HVAC controllers (with wireless temp sensors for reading the temps around the home). The control of the system (ie setting temps, modes, ect) has historically been done by using the Lutron App but now I want to ditch the Lutron App for the Hubitat Dashboard and Hubitat Mobile App (and of course to use Hubitat to perform much more modern automation).

Basically, I want to know if Hubitat can recognize and control this type of RA2 HVAC setup as a Thermostat within the HE platform. Further, if that is possible I would then like to have Google Home be able to talk to Hubitat to set the setpoints and operating mode so I could say something like Hey Google set ‘zone 1’ air conditioning to 74 degrees or in the case where there are multiple HVAC zones (ie a second controller and set of temp sensors) Hey Google set ‘zone 2’ mode to heat at 78 degrees. You get the idea.

Despite Lutron supporting Google Home integration directly to RadioRA2 (using a connect bridge CONNECT-BDG2-1) their Lutron<--->Google integration has zero support for temperature or thermostat functions. That's okay though as I am trying to get rid of Google Home talking to all my various systems directly and rather have Hubitat be the local automation gate keeper and then have Google Home only talking to Hubitat.

So, in other words, Google Home <----> Hubitat <-----> All Other Local Systems (Lutron RA2, Denon AVRs, TVs, Harmony IR Blaster, Z-wave Hub for Motion/Water sensing, Pool/Spa Controller, ect).

That’s a lot of background but my simple question is can Hubitat “import” the Lutron RA2 HVAC controller as a Thermostat device and use it to set and respond to HVAC functions accordingly?

So HE uses telnet to connect to the lutron bridges. HE does support the lutron thermostat and supports RA2... I would think the RA2 thermostat would work (Im sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong). That said, as long as you know the telnet calls to make, you could easily write a custom driver for HE to integrate it.

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I have multiple RR2 HVAC Controllers with their wireless temperature sensors along with the SeeTemps and HE controls everything very well. I actually had an instance of where the Lutron Connect app wasn't working from outside the home for some odd reason, but fortunately I was able to use the Hubitat app while away from home to control all of the HVAC.

Lutron integration with their bridge works well, but I have found doing all of the integration within HE (like for Sonus) works better.

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This should all work as expected. The Lutron Integration doesn't really know (or care) what kind of device something is on the Lutron side -- all it knows is to send the proper commands for what you tell the hub the device is. Since the HVAC controller and Lutron Thermostat use the same commands, this will all work as you would expect if you just tell the Lutron Integration these are Thermostats.

As for Google Home, I'm pretty sure that it will control setpoints by voice -- I know that Alexa does.

The Amazon servers that Lutron uses for their cloud services were down and took out a lot of other web sites and services as well.

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