Lutron RadioRa2 Automation

Is there an article or tips on how to accomplish the following:

  1. When unlocking a Yale Lock from the PIN pad (not the thumb lock) to turn on certain lights in RadioRa2 - but only during certain hours and only if the lights are NOT already on at any %.

  2. When pressing a keypad button on a Lutron keypad/Hybrid keypad, to turn on and set color of a Zigbee connected RGB LED

  3. To set two other zones in RadioRA2 to be the same as another zone, and to adjust up/down/on/off whenever that other zone is changed. Example: we have a dimmer for the bathroom lights, and there are two other zones letโ€™s call them vanity and toilet, and we want those zones to always be the same as whatever someone sets on the bathroom lights zone dimmer

This can easily be done with RM. It doesn't have to be Lutron specific.. This one that I use is a little simple but you get the idea. You can use it to build on. The reason I use a lutron scene button is it's much faster than doing light+light+light+light etc. (Doing it that way causes popcorning) Using a scene button in lutron is much faster. You can change it to specify pin code(s)

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