Lutron RA2 Select - HE C7 -Picos - getting started?


just fired up my HE for the first time with a Lutron RA2 Select and Pico Remotes (no Masters).
I setup the HE Lutron Integration and I can see button presses from the pico in the HE log. (searched "Ra2 Select hubitat getting started", found a great tutorial)

I also paired my first Zigbee bulb.
How do I setup a rule or trigger that when I press the Lutron button the bulb turns on/off?
Tried button controller and Rule Machine but cannot find the pico anywhere.
2020-12-14 06:10:39.521 pm inforcvd: DEVICE,2,3,4

So got a little further:
Added my 5 button pico as k,2,MBR Pico Remote - keypad, not pico (held/released).
Went to Rule Machine added
Trigger "MBR Pico button 2 pushed"
Action "Turn Bulb on"

Works fine so far for on. Now I want to create something like this here from another post.
Im struggling as the trigger wants a specific button number for the button device trigger. I take this screenshot is from rule machine, so trying to replicate there.

Unless you NEED complex rules, try the built in Button Controller app or Simple Automation app. Rule Machine is a much heavier, harder to understand, app. It is overkill for most uses.

I would even go so far as to recommend a much cleaner and easier community based button controller app, Advanced Button Controller.

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I'm a huge fan of ABC for Pico button control as well. I'd start there as @neonturbo suggests before you try and roll anything yourself.

Are you asking how the buttons relate in Button Controller to the Pico buttons?

Pico 5 button remote
Button 1 = Top ON button
Button 2 = Dim level UP button
Button 3 = Middle button
Button 4 = Dim level DOWN button
Button 5 = Bottom OFF button