Lutron Ra2 Motion Sensors Odd Telnet Behavior

I have recently added a RA2 Main Repeater to my Hubitat in addition to my Caseta Pro Hub. (I changed the Pico and Motion sensor frequencies on the RA2 Main Repeater for better performance so it doesn't take up the frequency my caseta pro hub is using) I have migrated all my Picos to the Ra2 Main Repeater and everything is working well using Picos to control my Caseta/other Hubitat devices; but I have only been able to get 1 of my 5 Radio Powr Savr (LRF2-OKLB-P-WH) motion sensors accurately reporting motion events over Telnet.

It seems like the RA2 Main Repeater is just sending 'inactive' then within a few milliseconds 'active' state even though there is no discernible motion/presence in the room. Not sure why the main repeater is sending these telnet states back to back without motion in the room? I am running the RadioRA 2 Inclusive version 12.10.0 and the repeater's firmware is up to date as well.

The only difference between the motion sensor that is working correctly ('OmotionBR3') and the others that are not working is that I do not have a motion lighting rule set up on any of the non-working motion sensors. Since hubitat's telnet is just receiving what the Ra2 Main Repeater is sending; I can't imagine the a rule in Hubitat would resolve this issue so I haven't set up a rule on any of the non-working ones yet. I am running Hubitat version

I have not been able to tell if I have to add dummy switches/lighting zone to the Ra2 main repeater or not, but doing so has not resolved the odd telnet behavior I am seeing in the logs on Hubitat.

Any additional thoughts or troubleshooting steps anyone has would be greatly appreciated. (I have reached out to Lutron Support already to see if they have any suggestions but I haven't gotten any definitive answers there either.)

Not sure if @bravenel has any experience with odd telnet behavior or not?

I have no good answer for you. I assume your motion detectors are all on the correct frequency as well? I'd try doing a full transfer in the inclusive software. You initiate it by pressing Ctrl+F9 on the Transfer page.

Thanks @bill.d, I will try the full transfer and see if that makes a difference.

I have at least 10 of these motions in my hybrid RA2/Caseta setup, i have not seen this issue.
I might also try a new battery and change the timeout on the motion itself.

@bill.d Unfortunately, Forcing a full transfer did not work either. I went ahead and deleted the offending motion sensors, transferred the project with the 1 working motion sensor to the main repeater, then added a couple more motion sensors hoping it would resolve itself, but I am seeing the same behavior unfortunately! I also reset one of the motion sensors to factory defaults but it is still doing the same unoccupied/occupied cycling.

Is it possible there is a bug on the in the RadioRA 2 Inclusive software? I am running version 12.10.0 but it was originally programmed in version 12.9.0.

12.10 has been out forever at this point. Are all the sensors within 30 ft of the main repeater? Maybe try a different frequency? Maybe try resetting the main repeater and re-flashing the firmware? No easy answers.

@bill.d , Yes, all motion sensors are within 30 ft and communicating with the main repeater when I press the light bulb button on the motion sensor(s).

I haven't tried a changing frequencies yet since all picos working fine on that frequency and I can see telnet events when I press the light bulb button on the sensor itself.

I may try to reset the main repeater soon. I am still working with Lutron support. I imagine they will probably suggest I do the same thing.

Hopefully I can get this sorted soon. Thanks again Hubitat Community!

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