Lutron Pro Hub best deal?

Title says it all whats he best place to buy or best deal ( like the kit with switch and pico).

Man I was looking last night for a buddy of mine. Prices have almost doubled since I bought mine last year. Wow.

The answer used to be, hands down. I got mine for about 85 bucks when I moved from SmartThings to Hubitat. I had a non-pro hub before that, since the ST integration was through the cloud.

Now your best bet is to just google it and compare your options. But expect to pay $120-150.

Or you might get lucky if you keep an eye on Ebay listings.


A quick search of the usual places indicates that this eBay seller currently has the best price on the SmartBridge Pro (echoing @marktheknife's advice) :


Not sure where your located but I usually shop at my local electrical supply store. I'm in Canada and use Greybar, i was able to pick a pro starter kit (pro hub, non neutral dimmer, pico remote) for $145 CAD plus tax.


That is an amazing price!

I was shocked too, there a good bunch of guys at the branch i deal with. I've been getting the pro 5 button neutral dimmers for $106 CAD plus tax. Everywhere else is usually $140 or more. Pico's are $16 and the wall mount is $6.

I have a NIB Lutron Pro 2 in white plus 4 pico switches and a pico wall plate plus 1 gang cover I bought a few months back and I have decided I will never use. Any reasonable offer will be accepted and I will ship for $10 to any of the 50 USA states. Paypal is great. I "believe" the pico switches are all new, but I'm not sure. When I push a button the LED indicator flickers so I assume the batteries are ok and the switch is working. Hub has never been powered up.

Sorry for the blurry photos...The hub is a L-BDGPRO2-WH
Switches are PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01


Hi, I realize this thread is old, but I'm looking for a smart bridge pro, and the pico switches would be great too! Do you still have this?

This might be the best deal on a smart bridge pro currently:

That’s about $25 less than Energy Avenue or Amazon.

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Thanks aaiyar! I had found that as well, just thought I'd ping 2ac16mo to see if he still had the extra bridge pro he mentioned, maybe at a bit of a discount with some picos, since no one mentioned wanting it before.