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Hello, day two with Hubitat and it's going well with adding my devices but stuck on how the pico devices work (I'm coming from ST). I have four Caseta dimmers and each has a secondary pico (used as a wall mounted remote switch to control the light from a different location). I was able to add the dimmers fine but when I added the pico's they don't seem to do anything. Maybe I don't need to add the pico's but perhaps it'd be nice to trigger events with them. In the devices tab under the pico it has "push" and a blank under it which I've tried numbers 1 through 5 but it doesn't seem to do anything when pressed (also doesn't save the number when I update the tab). What am I missing?

Install the built-in Button Controller app. And set up button controllers for each of your Picos. This app will let you determine what actions are triggered when a Pico button is pushed, held, released, or double-pushed.

In the Lutron app, make sure that all your Picos are in a separate room by themselves.

thanks gain for your help!... dumb question, where do I find and install the button controller app?

found it, thanks


If you are using Lutron Pico remotes in conjunction with Lutron Caseta dimmers or switches, be sure to pair the Pico directly with the device(s) it controls. That way it will be able to control the device(s) even if the Hubitat hub and Lutron Pro bridge go offline.

However, you can also use a Pico as a button controller to control devices outside the Lutron network. For example, I use one to manually open and close the valve on my RO water system, but you can use the buttons to do trigger any activity within the Hubitat system.

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