Lutron Pico turn on Hue Group and Lutron Dimmer

I have a Lutron Pico in my theater. I use HE Dimmer Button Controller to turn on a Hue group that controls all the hue lights in the theater. The problem I'm seeking an answer to is that two light connected to Lutron dimmers are also turning on and off with the Pico. I can't understand where is the connection? I don't want the dimmers to also turn on/off with the pico.

app:5932021-03-23 06:21:52.903 pm debugRunning resetPresNum([btnNum:1, action:[pushed]] = 1, null)
dev:4742021-03-23 06:21:38.286 pm infoGroup Theater Lights level was set to 60%
dev:4742021-03-23 06:21:38.282 pm infoGroup Theater Lights was turned on
app:5932021-03-23 06:21:37.746 pm trace SetForAll not configured for press 1
app:5932021-03-23 06:21:37.741 pm debugAction "Turn on" specified for button 1 pushed press 1
app:5932021-03-23 06:21:37.733 pm debugChecking if mode is OK; reutrning: true
app:5932021-03-23 06:21:37.729 pm debugRunning buttonHandler (for 1 pushed)...
dev:3812021-03-23 06:21:37.697 pm infoTheater Lights Pico button 1 was pushed

You probably have this configured in the Lutron app, so outside Hubitat. You don't have to associate a Pico with any devices (you can, but it sounds like you don't want that behavior, so if you undo that, it seems like it should work how you want).

If I remember correctly, when I first setup the picos, I had them located in the room where they were located. This made them automatically try to control all the lights in that room. I ended up creating a room called Picos, and put all the picos I want to see in HE there. If I remember correctly.