Lutron Pico remote toggle light issues when light dimmed

This is my Rule Machine setup on my Lutron Pico remote

Button 1 is set to Dim: Lamp 100% and Toggle: Lamp.
Button 2 is set to Dim: Lamp: 70%.
Button 4 is set to Dim: Lamp 30%

I would like Button 1 to toggle the Lamp off at any dim level, or turn on the lamp to 100% if the lamp is off. Is this possible?

Whats happening is when the Lamp is dimmed and I press Button 1, the Lamp will turn off then on again at 100%. I then have to push Button 1 again and the Lamp will turn off.

I'm guessing that I need to add some conditional actions for Button 1, but I'm not really sure how.


You could re-create the effect with conditional actions, but Rule Machine has an action built-in that already does this for you. Try the Set Dimmers and Bulbs > Toggle Dimmer Level action.

If this is what you're already trying and it's not working, does your lamp maybe not report back accurate states? Check the device page, and look at "switch: on" or "switch: off" under "Current States" as you send on or off commands to the bulbs to see. If that's wrong, Hubitat won't know how to toggle since it will read the current state wrong.

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The lamp reports the correct state. Here is what I have setup in rule machine.

Strange thing is that this rule worked perfectly until a few weeks ago

Do you really want "toggle".

If I understand that command correctly, it will do the opposite to what the state of the light currently is. So if the light is on, toggle will turn it off.

While in theory that sounds good, in practice I think you are going to get very odd results depending upon how the bulbs report back and how fast the rule can process.

You probably do want a conditional here.

If lamp is off then do X
Else if lamp is on then do Y

Conditional Actions should be the first option in the dropdown under Actions to Run.

And to ask a silly question, why the button layout you are trying to use with the toggle actions?

Couldn't you just use the bottom button for off, the top button for on, and the arrow buttons (assuming a 5 button Pico) for dim up and dim down?

You could even use holds to get the presets. Push arrow up raises dimming by say 20 percent every time you push it, and holding that same button presets light to 70%.

Same for the down arrow, lower lamp 20 percent for each press, and do a 30% preset value for hold.

You can mix and match actions on the same button, as long as you have the "enhanced" pico settings and not the Fast Pico settings selected.

My other advice is to not use Rule Machine for simple things like this, the Advanced Button Controller community app makes it much easier to do buttons, especially if you are going to just be doing lights or simple devices.

Edit for example of what I was describing with pressed and held using ABC.

You are using two separate actions. Try the specific "Toggle Dimmer Level" action as I suggested, and it might work better.

That being said, your rule shouldn't totally fail, either: the worst that should happen is that it will dim up to 100% before turning off (if it's not already at 100%), which might be an undesired side effect but should still work. I don't have a good explanation for that other than that if this is a Zigbee bulb and paired directly to Hubitat, some don't like to receive commands "too fast," in my experience, and may ignore or not receive some in that case. If these are Zigbee (and not Sengled), there could also be the whole issue with them being bad repeaters and causing network problems that may result in this symptom.

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I'm using the bottom buttons for different lights. I also wanted to have preset dimmer levels for the lights I want dimmed.

Your suggestion for Top on, Bottom off and dim up and down is probably the easiest solution. I struggled with setting up the dimming up and down in the past, but I found a post that seems like it would help.

Thanks for posting Advanced Button Controller. I had no idea that it existed. I'll give that a try

Good suggestion bertabcd1234. I'll give it a try

EDIT: Toggle Dim seems to have the desired results. Thanks!