Lutron Pico on sale at Amazon [Deal Expired]

$9.98 each in US.

Update: Expired.


Couldn't resist. Two on the way.
I guess I need a Lutron Hub now?


Just remember to get a "PRO2" bridge (for telnet), not the more common consumer bridge that's available in-store at Home Depot etc... You can get the Pro bridge on Amazon or eBay.

You won't regret it -- I already had Caseta before I moved to HE and initially wasn't convinced I'd ever use Picos as general remotes very much, but I was wrong -- we use quite a few all over the place now! They're just so darn convenient and the batteries last forever.

Lutron's Pico remote stands and wall mount options are also really good.


Thanks for the info.
Pro 2 hub on the way.
Saved $20. Spent $150.


It's an investment towards future awesomeness :sweat_smile:


Will the Pico's control lights connected to my Zooz and Inovelli dimmers? Now I ask.

For sure... Long story short, you add them to HE via the Lutron bridge's telnet integration, and they can then be used for pretty much anything within HE.

Picos are unique in that respect-- unfortunately, any hard-wired Caesta switches cannot be programmed to do other things, but Picos are wide open once added.

I use Button Controller to manage all my Picos -- it's very straightforward.

It's been a while since I added a new Pico -- the telnet-management process will admittedly seem hairy and cryptic at first (it was for me), but once you do it once, you'll have it down... If you search the community here, there should be some good posts detailing that process -- I recommend familiarizing yourself a bit now so you're well-prepared to hit the ground running when the goodies arrive.


Welcome to the secret of home automation.


You can also mount picos as regular switches on the wall..


I also have one in the car using this clip, makes coming home so much easier.

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Here is a Pico question:
Is it possible to use a Pico device, paired to a Lutron dimmer, within button controller?
Sort of dual purpose?

Not possible AFAIK -- the Pico can only have one thing telling it what to do.

That's either pairing it to the dimmer all within Caseta itself, or having it as a blank slate within Caseta that can then be programmed from Hubitat (Button Controller typically) via telnet with a Lutron PRO2 bridge.

In the latter case, you can still program it to control that same dimmer in addition to doing other stuff too, so win-win.

I can read that two ways.

Can you pair a Pico to a Lutron, and then use that Pico for Hubitat.

Maybe, I have never tried that. But then every time the light goes on OR you push a button on the Pico the automation would run. It probably would be a logic loop where the light turns on the light.

Can you pair a Pico to a Lutron dimmer using button controller, and also use the Pico for other purposes.

For this the answer is yes. I do it all the time. My dining room Pico turns on the dining room Caseta with a short press. If you hold the top button it turns on the basement light, and holding the bottom turns off the basement light. I have many set up like this.

You have to put the Pico in their own "room" in the Lutron app to make this happen, and use the normal (not Fast Pico) driver. The Pico cannot be directly associated with the Caseta dimmer.

Yeah, I'm having trouble with how that adds up too.

I mean if this boils down to "good buttons" aren't we just one or two development cycles from someone coming up with an equally good not-so-propritary button in Zigbee or Z-Wave?

And if not for the button alone, but for Lutron's overall control environment/devices, what is this saying? I get that Lutron is rock solid. So is this to say "with Hubitat and a myriad of HA vendors we're never going to get a home lighting & controls system as robust as Lutron's" ?

As I look to finally get around to the lighting spectrum of HA (pun intended) I'm just scratching my head at the permutations of hubs, bridges, (hub to hub, TELNET of all things, communications) and locked in ecosystems which I thought we were all trying to migrate away from.

Guess I better get ready to be blasted for blasphemy here....

EDIT: All that said, I do like the idea of Lutron lighting control being something if you sell your house, or for some other reason, are "out of the loop" to tending to a Hubitat configuration the Lutron setup can live on standalone and have others (including electricians) be conversant enough to deal with/append/adjust it.

Be gone heritic!!! Lol..

Nah... People use a myriad or things because we want the best of class. In the case of switches, Lutron hands down (Lutron is also spoke and hub based vs mesh based like zigbee and z-wave). In the case of bulbs.,.. Probably Hue, Lifx, and Sengled. (Hue should be paired on a hue bridge not directly to hubitat if you have other zigbee devices). Etc... Etc.... Think of Hubitat as the main brain and lutron , homekit, hue, bond, etc as simply appendages. Each one doing something that the other can't or does better than another. I have hubitat, hue, and homekit at this point. All working together splendidly with little work. (I try to be a set and forget it type of guy). As long as everything done together is local and not cloud based, I'm down with it regardless of who makes it and as long as it can interoperate with hubitat.

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Yup! In one house, I manage to have four HEs, three Hue hubs, a Lutron hub, a Bond hub, an Ecowitt hub, an Envisalink controller, and an rPi all dedicated to home automation.

I might qualify as a hoarder.

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Consider this intervention :rofl:

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I am in denial about my own mortality. But we went sailing for a couple of weeks this fall and we had a house-sitter. No issues reported with the home automation. Last year we did a similar trip. On our first night back home an Aeotec trisensor came off the wall (this was when I still relied on the adhesive tape that came with them), bounced into the toilet, and in the dark got flushed. That did NOT end well. I will say though that after the toilet had been unmounted and the offending sensor had been removed IT STILL WORKED. None the less it was replaced and the mount is screwed into the wall.


Who are you and how did you get into my house??!! :wink:

When I'm dead my wife or kids can take care of it. I'll be dead and not care :rofl:

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