Lutron Pico Keypads: Held/Double-Tap?

Hi. I've got some Lutron Pico keypads being used with the Caséta Pro hub using Rule Machine and I would like to trigger based on double-taps and held keys. I found some old posts about this maybe happening and I wonder if there is yet some way to do this. Each keypad has four buttons and it would be great if I could assign multiple options to each key (knowing that Lutron will still do its assigned action, but I can reverse these as necessary).


@TokyoJim from @bravenel

Lutron has Picos (Caséta, RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS) and keypads (RadioRA 2, Homeworks). They're kind of the same, but use different drivers. Picos have had double tap since 2.3.1

To enable a double tap make sure the device driver is 'Lutron Pico'

From there any button app that can perform a double tap will


If your talking about a 4 button Pico (I'm not aware of the Caseta Bridge supporting RA2 style keypads), then use the Lutron Pico Driver (not the Lutron Fast Pico).
The Pico driver supports push, hold, release and double tap.


RA2 keypads support all the button actions when using the Lutron SeeTouch Keypad driver released in version 2.3.2

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Did not realize that!!!

Mike - a few issues with the newer seeTouch keypad driver. I added a comment to the driver thread rather than this one.

When I define it as a Pico (type 'p') instead of a Keypad (type 'k'), I get this error when I press a button:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 74 (method parse)

Did you change the button count to 4 from the default value of 5?


That worked. Thanks!

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