Lutron pico - help

Can somebody show me how you got the dimmer buttons working please! I set start raising or lowering but it doesn’t work right. It just continues to raise until its 100%.

I want to mimic the behaviour of how it normally works with the Lutron hub.

Pictures would probably help big time!

Sounds like you are missing the released section. Here is an example.

okay thanks that seemed to work.

Just the regular non fast pico driver


I’ve noticed one thing.

If I turn the lights off, say by the Lutron app and they were on at 75%. When I first hit any of the up or down dim buttons the light will come back on at 75% then adjust by 10% intervals.

Is this norma behaviour?

The dimmer remembered the level, HE then sent 10% increase, because that's what's defined when the up button is pressed in @DeveloperDavidB 's example. If you don't want it do that, remove the definition for pushed, or you can probably also set it to 0% increase, so it will just turn on to the same level. I've never tried it.

I want it to adjust by 10%.

Is there a way for the dimmer to forget the last dim level? So it will start at 0% and move up?

I don't know what dimmer's you're using. It's typically a hardware configuration.

It’s the Lutron caseta lamp plug in

Sorry no Lutron dimmers here. I use Insteon and can configure that. I'm not sure Caséta offers that option. I think I recall reading that it doesn't but I'm not positive.

Caseta devices can’t remember previous dimmer levels, AFAIK.

Then what’s happening?

Why is it the device returns to the exact dim level???

I don't think it's the dimmer, it's the driver. When you turn off a dimmer via the driver, it will turn off the light but the level attribute keeps the value it was last at. This is the design of most drivers because it is usually the preferred behavior. Most people want the light to come on to the last light level.

The only way I can think to workaround this (besides writing your own code) would be to have the off button on your pico remote set the level to 0 instead of sending the off command. That way the driver level attribute would be set to 0.

The above won't work when the light is turned off outside of HE, like via the Lutron app..but should we really be opening a mobile app when we have the power of HE at our fingertips :wink:

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