Lutron Pico Dimmimg

I’ve created a button device and I’m mapping out the pico.

I’ve set button 2 on hold to raise dimmer level and button 2 to stop changing the levels.

My pico is tied to a Lutron lamp plugin.

What happens, if I hold it then let it go the light continues to dim up or down to 100 percent or 0 percent .

The stop function won’t work???

You need to set the hold function to raise the dimmer and then set the release function on the same button to stop changing levels.

Like this:

If I'm reading it right, what you would need to do the way you have it set is hold to raise and then release and momentary press the same button to make it stop.

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Need to make sure you are using the Lutron Fast Pico driver for your devices. Then set Press to start dimming and Release to stop changing. With Fast Pico driver there is no "hold".

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You can do this with HOLD if you are using the Regular Pico driver (non-fast driver). However there are two issues with doing that.

  1. There is a programmed period of time within the device edit page to distinguish between pushed and held. Basically, when Hubitat receives the pushed message the clock starts. If it doesn't receive the released message before the programmed hold time, the action of held is sent instead of pushed. So, the limitation with "start raising" or "start lowering" is that the dimmer won't start changing until that timer is reached. When I first had my picos set up using the held to released method, I did not have all my picos using the same held timeout. So, they would start changing after different amounts of time. Plus, because of the timeout, the starting to raise or lower kind of takes you by surprise. If you have a device that ramps quickly you will likely miss your target.

  2. There is a max amount of time that you can hold buttons 1 and 5 on the pico and still receive the "Released" message. These buttons are used in the programming of the Pico in the Lutron environment and in the Lutron world they are not held. Holding them any longer than 5 seconds will result in you not receiving the release message and the dimmer ramping up or down forever until you hit that button again and it gets the released message. So, if you have lights that lower/raise very slowly, I'd recommend using buttons 2 and 4.

All of that said, I gave up on trying to use my picos for dimming control that way. I never got the lights where I wanted them. I was always overshooting the target, especially with my Sengled LED bulbs, which seem to ramp faster than a speeding bullet. So, what i did instead was I set up my button controller with a rule to adjust by percentage. If the level is <50 it bumps it by 10% and if the dimmer is >= 50 it bumps by 20%, since I don't need as many levels on the high side of things. I've found it works a lot better for me and I'm not constantly getting out my phone anyway to set them where I want them. So, if you try the starting raising and start lowering and absolutely hate it...there are other ways to get you there.


Awesome info.

Can you share a screenshot ?

I set up my Pico so that a single press of a particular button sets the light to a predetermined level.

You can set whatever values you want using Rule Machine. Here is just one example:

Pico button 1 = 100%
Pico button 2 = 75%
Pico button 3 = 50%
Pico button 4 = 25%
Pico button 5 = 0ff

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