Lutron Pico -> Chromecast Integration

I'm new to the HE and admittedly this is probably not the best first project but I AM having some mixed success but am not quite there yet.

The goal is basically trying to have a Pico control Chromecast Audio volume and possibly a few other basic functions, pause, play, etc. Our current audio setup in our outdoor areas is: Spotify -> CCA -> Amplifier -> wired outdoor speakers. My wife would like to be able to control volume via a pico to take a phone call or whatever even if I am the one "driving" the music. A reasonable request.

I HAVE successfully had the HE intercept Pico volume controls and I have even been able to route those pico controls through the Chromecast Integration app to control the volume of a Google Nest hub which also happen to be playing Spotify music so I know I am doing at least most of this successfully. The Chromecast Audio however does not respond at all and the pico inputs has no affect on it.

Any ideas? I am pretty sure this would work with a Sonos amp but I'm trying to avoid that simply to be able to control volume via a pico.

It should work while music or something is playing. It doesn't seem to do anything when idle. On a google nest display it will work anytime.

That has been my experience anyway. I use a pico to control the volume and play / pause on my pool speakers with a chromecast audio, works pretty well.
I also use one to control a nest hub max in my kitchen, That works perfectly.

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Still no dice. I have the same Pico trigger events running the action on both devices (custom rule -> actuator -> volumeUp() & volumeDown(). Works fine on the Nest Hub and no response on the CCA. Tried both Spotify and Pandora as music sources cast from my phone as well as cast from the Nest Hub via voice command. Running out of ideas to try.

Edit: I'll also add that the CCA does not respond to volume adjustments via the Hubitat Dashboard either while the Nest Hub does.

Perhaps you could try controlling the volume of the Amplifier that the CCA is plugged into, rather than the volume of the CCA?

How do you normally control the audio volume of your "Spotify -> CCA -> Amplifier -> wired outdoor speakers"?

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Does it work from the device page? can you send a message to speak to it? You may have to remove and re-run the chromecast discovery. It also helps to have a static ip address for your google devices.

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Hi guys. Now, we're getting somewhere. I did rerun discovery on the Chromecast devices and it is now working although still seems a bit buggy. I suspect a fixed IP may help per @gassgs suggestion. Before rerunning discovery, there was also no response on the CCA in the Devices Page as well as no logs for in several days but it seems cleared up now. Cool! Thanks so much.

@ogiewon, We controlled volume through the app with the phone as the amp is in a closet which is what made it difficult for my wife to have to takeover control to change it if I was the one who originally streamed the music. I had begun to consider changing amp volume as well but much in the way if new hardware investment would have just pushed me into a Sonos Amp which I was hoping to avoid since this is a multi-zone amp with serveral CCAs driving different zones. I'm confident this is going to work out now with some additional controls over just the volume as well. The Lutron Audio Pico is the perfect device for this.

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I would say a fixed ip would be required for this... (well at least to stay working)

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Hopefully a last update on this. Everything seems to be working well and I'm supper happy I was able to accomplish this. Nice "first project" under the belt.

For those curious, I'm using a Lutron Audio Pico. I'm using it with a Radio Ra2 system with its repeater rather than the Caseta Pro Bridge but everything is the same as far as Hubitat is concerned.

Button 1 was programed to (pseudo-code):
If (Status == playing) then pause() Else play()

Button 2: volumeUp()

Button 3 (favorite button): setVolume(33)

Button 4: volumeDown()

Button 5: nothing yet. There is no playlist control through Chromecast so I may find another use for this one down the road. Would love to hear what others have done with this one. Thanks for the help!

Edit: The wife is super happy with this too. Who knew Hubitat came with fringe benefits!

Yes, Pico's are fantastic. I have one mounted outside on my pool deck all summer long (I take it inside during winter). I just put a thin strip of clear packing tape on the edge so rain water doesn't get in.

Button 1: pushed - Pool Pump on
Button 1: held - Pool Heater on

Button 2: pushed - Volume up
Button 2: held - Play

Button 3: pushed - Toggle pool light
Button 3: held - Toggle pool deck lights

Button 4: pushed - Volume down
Button 4: held - Pause

Button 5: pushed - Pool Pump off
Button 5: held - Pool Heater off

When the Chromecast Audio "mediaSource" does not (!) = "none" the amp for the speakers turns on. and when "mediaSource" = "none" for 5 mins, the amp turns off.

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I set a pico for playing music (7 repetitive tracks stored on a local server - could be the internal memory of the hub) in our bedroom: quiet music for 2 hours on a google home under the bed and increase track on a single push.
middle button also used to switch off the main lamp.
easy to remember even there is no light.

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