Lutron Pico 4 Buttons

Hi All,

Can you please help, I cannot add any of my 4 Button Lutron Pico switches.

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object on line 74 (method parse)

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I am assuming that you are referring to the 4 button Pico remote. You need a Lutron Smart Bridge PRO, the Lutron APP and then put your pico in by add the pico with a P or a Q.

p: Pico (pushed/held)
q: Pico (pushed/released)

Here is the format to set it up
q,2,Office Pico
p,64,Living Room Light Control

I generally recommend the P if you want to do a lot of stuff and the Q if you want to limit the stuff that it does, the Q also is slightly faster.

Once it is configure; go in to the device and set it up as a four button pico.