Lutron Pico 2-button Keypad - Button Controller Button Mapping

C-7 hub, platform version

This Pico:
When the Pico device is added via the Lutron Integrator app, Caseta Hub Pro2, device type Keypad, the resulting Hubitat device driver emits events for buttons 2 and 4 (pushed and released).

Using Button Controller (version 5.1.1) only buttons 1 and 2 are exposed when attempting to configure button actions. So no actions are triggered, given there are no button 1 and 2 events.

Am I missing something or have incorrectly configured the app/device/controller?

Under the pico device witch the button count from 5 to 2

Now you will see this

‘Number of buttons’ is set to 2, issue is the button pushed events show up as button 2 and 4, not 1 and 2.

Quite strange... and in the integrator your using "p" ?? I just looked at one of mine and it is correct. Also check your driver.


Post the device page and the integration line

Device page:

Can you be more specific about the 'integration line'?


Your driver is set to keypad, change it to pico. The integration is under Lutron integrator app and what ever you called it. It should start with p. So the one I showed you looks like p,7,pico stairs


That did the trick. Many thanks!

So even though Lutron discovers a Keypad, all the Hubitat pieces should be configured as a Pico? Is a Keypad something different?

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Yes, “keypads” are part of the Lutron RadioRA2 ecosystem. They look like the following

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Pico's should always be P in the integration. You need to ensure that it is. Not sure why your integration report classified that as a keypad.

Ok got it. The Lutron IOS app discovered it as a keypad via the Caseta Pro2 hub, Same thing with the Hubitat app.

Strange. Go back through your integration and make sure that all your pico's have a p and not a k in front of them.

Will do, much appreciated.

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