Lutron PD-5ANS-WH compatibility

I bought Lutron caseta smart switch starter kit which has Lutron smart bridge (Non pro) and smart switch PD-5ANS-WH.
Just found out that non pro bridge is not compatible with Hubitat but is the switch compatible? I couldn’t find it in Lutron devices supported by hub.

Yes, all Lutron Caseta switches, dimmers, fan controllers, and Pico remotes are compatible with Hubitat using the Caseta SmartBridge Pro2.


What I meant by the question is without pro hub can the switch I mentioned be operated directly by Hubitat hub ? Because I don’t have Lutron bridge pro hub. The switch I mentioned is not in the list of devices when I try to add.

The only way to use Lutron Caseta devices with Hubitat is via the Caseta SmartBridge Pro2 hub, connected to your home LAN.


Hubitat can’t connect to any Lutron devices directly. They all use a proprietary wireless protocol called Clear Connect.

The Caseta Pro bridge has a telnet interface that Hubitat can connect to, thus integrating the end devices that are paired to the Caseta bridge.

The Caseta bridge without the “Pro” designation does not have the Telnet interface.

ETA: the hub documentation page for the app called Lutron integrator explains how the process works.

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