Lutron Palladiom Shades and Hubitat

Will Lutron Palladiom shades integrate with Hubitat? Does anyone have experience with these shades?

Lutron app note says that they are compatible with:
• Pico wireless control
• 4-Group RF shade remote control
• Caséta Pro
• RA2 Select
• RadioRA 3
• HomeWorks systems with QSX processors

If they use Telnet to integrate with non-Lutron products, it’s probably possible (or they can already be integrated). If they use Lutron’s LEAP protocol, then it’s not possible at this time.

@bravenel or @bill.d might be able to clarify.

It's not likely that these are compatible with Hubitat.

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Thanks for the fast response! I'll follow up with Lutron support--see if they expose these shades on the telnet interface same as the Caséta Serena Shades. Regardless, they may not be supported by RA2 either.

Those shades are locked into Lutron's LEAP protocol. They will never be on Telnet, no matter how many calls are made. Even "Pro" integrators seem to be frustrated. Lutron's marketing people are not very dynamic.

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