Lutron needs PRO bridge...?

I saw elsewhere mentions that with hubitat you need the smart bridge pro... which is good because I totally hadn't considered that. But then I looked a bit more, and I hear it's about the telnet implementation of an API... but then I see home assistant works with both pro and non-pro bridges.

So then I wonder... why isn't hubitat able to support the "normal" bridge? The Pro is almost 2x as expensive and availability is much harder

TELNET allows for automation even without an Internet connection. This is a core foundation of Habitat.


This is a good question. Lutron used to have two open/accessible interfaces in their Caseta Pro bridge - telnet and ssh, and only ssh in their non-pro bridge,

The ssh interface was never documented or supported, and only worked to control dimmers and switches. Importantly, pico remote button presses were not reported over ssh.

Anyway, a long time ago (~7 years ago to 2021), HA supported dimmers, switches, and picos with the Pro bridge (via the telnet interface), much like Hubitat does now, and only dimmers and switches with the non-Pro bridge using the undocumented ssh interface.

That changed when Lutron added LEAP API support to both bridges. This API is not yet publicly documented, so it has been reverse-engineered by HA developers, who use it to support switches, dimmers, picos and motion sensors with both bridges.

My guess is that when the LEAP API is officially documented, Hubitat will develop a new Lutron integration. Until it is documented, the API is subject to sudden change, making it less desirable to invest engineering time in reverse-engineering it and supporting it.

Edit: to clarify - telnet, ssh and LEAP are all local


Apparently home assistant supports their non-pro bridge locally

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Ah, I see. Well that's... kind of annoying. :frowning:

I understand how you feel. However, if Nabu Casa were paying HA developers, it is likely they would have made the same call that Hubitat Inc. did.

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The Telnet interface allows local traffic to control the Lutron devices. That speeds up the performance and will still work if the Internet goes down.

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It only supports the regular hub through the cloud/Internet. It is not the same thing.

Actually, I believe Home Assistant uses Lutron’s new LEAP API to communicate with SmartBridge hubs. LEAP is all local, no cloud needed. It works very well, and even supports Caseta Motion detectors.


Maybe it has changed from 11 months ago when I tested it. I disconnect the Internet and it failed.

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