Lutron Motion Sensor Recommendations?

I have the Lutron pro bridge and some Pico's setup and working great. Was wondering what Lutron motion sensors people are using and what your experience with them have been. I see several different ones on Amazon, all with 10 year battery life.

Looking to get a few corner mounted and/or some ceiling mounted units to replace my Aeotec z-wave sensors.


Only battery powered Lutron motion sensors I'm aware of are RA2. Is that what you're looking for? You would need at least and RA2 Select bridge to use those. I'm using Sylvania Lightify (Centralite) and Xiaomi Aqara (love those little guys).

All are reliable. The Centralite is very fast, and angle of coverage is decent. The Xiaomi are also fast and sensitivity is good. Angle is restricted on the top and bottom. The dog doesn't set those off, but she does trigger the Centralite, and she's a small dog.

Thanks. Specifically looking for Lutron motion sensors that work with the Pro bridge which then works with Hubitat.

Looking for those that HAVE the sensors and whether you like them or not. @bravenel, I think I remember you mentioning that you have some Lutron motion sensors in your house. Any recommendations?


Lutron "occupancy sensors" only work with RA2, not Caséta.

With Caséta you will have to use either Zigbee or Z-Wave sensors. I prefer Zigbee because they are faster. There are number of good brands, including Iris and NYCE. I have used the NYCE ceiling and corner mount ones with good success, and they have good battery life. But they are a bit pricey in my view for what you get.

That's what I needed to know. Was trying to get away from z-wave/zigbee for the motion/occupancy sensors. I have several Aeotec gen 4/5 and a few new Xiaomi sensors controlling all of my lighting but was looking for something better/more reliable. The Pico's work so well I figured I would try the Lutron but I guess that's not going to happen!

Really hope they come up with occupancy and window/door sensors for the Caseta system. Really like the sound of a 10 year battery!

Thanks again.

Write them a letter! They have a certain way that they look at markets for their products, and divide their product line along arbitrary marketing boundaries enforced by software. There is no technical reason whatsoever that their RA2 occupancy sensors couldn't work with Caséta; they have simply made a marketing decision not to offer them through those distribution channels. This is enforced by the Caséta app, which is the tool you use to add devices to a Caséta system.


Good idea!

I just sent an email to I asked them to consider giving users with Caseta products the ability to incorporate RA2 sensors or make the jump to RA2 by taking all of their current switches with them (Too expensive to replace everything now).

I just received a reply from Ed from Lutron support. He says that there are no plans to allow devices, other than Picos, to cross the Caseta / RA2 line. He did say that they will be releasing a Caseta motion sensor (or the ability to add the RA2 sensors) sometime in the coming months.

Maybe if a few more people, say the entire HE community :wink:, emails customer support we might be able to invoke some change.

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Lutron is very set in their ways. They sell more dimmers than all other manufacturers combined -- having invented solid state dimmers. They sell more shades than all other manufacturers combined. They have their way of doing things, and make their decisions, and that's that. They won't allow us to sell the SmartBridge Pro online in a starter kit with Hubitat, because they don't allow the online sale of any Caséta Pro devices -- those are reserved for sale through their pro installers. Etc.

Privately held company, family controlled, no bank debt. They do it their way.

That's too bad, I do like their RA2 products. Just not at the cost required to switch everything over. I guess having the limited distribution is what helps keep the prices high.

It's hard to argue with success.

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What about RA2 select? Does Hubitat support the RR-SEL-REP2 hub?

Yes, Hubitat Elevation supports RA2 Select.

In my home I have many Lutron Occupancy Sensors, compatible with RA2 and RA2 Select, but not Caséta. They work well, although they have one difference that is sometimes annoying: The minimum cycle time for the sensor is 1 minute, so they don't report inactive until 1 minute after motion stops. This is to be contrasted with typical Zigbee motion sensor timing of 10 to 15 seconds. This becomes an issue if lights are turned off before that minute expires, and then motion becomes active before the minute is up. In that case, the lights won't come on from a motion lighting automation as the sensor has continuously been in the active state. They won't come on until a full minute passes with no motion, as there won't be a new motion active event until then.

My understanding is that, while RA2 Select works with Lutron occupancy sensors, the RA2 Select hub does not have monitoring events enabled for them - ie, it processes occupancy events within the hub, but does not pass them out via Telnet, so a Radio RA2 repeater would be required to integrate the occupancy sensor with other devices across the Hubitat platform. Is that correct, and if so, is there an alternate way (short of buying a RA2 repeater) to integrate Lutron occupancy sensors?

I am not aware of this. Where did you hear this? I have a RA2 Select and can check later today.

I read it on the Lutron Caseta forum. I can't post links, but the poster wrote:"The RRA2 Select and occupancy sensor do not have the monitoring events enabled. After some back and forth, Lutron confirmed that they do not, and do not plan on adding that feature. Which means that the RRA2 Select bridge can't be used for this proxy idea."
Have not completely verified it myself -- I installed an occupancy sensor on my Ra2 Select this morning and in limited trials have not been able to see occupany/motion events from it in the log, but I am new to Hubitat, so there is some chance I just don't have it configured correctly.

In Logs isolate on the Lutron Telnet log. Then trip your occupancy sensor. You should see something with ending with "....,2,3" for active and "....,2,4" for inactive.

Thanks -- confirmed that Ra2 Select is not logging occupancy/motion events via telnet

That's too bad. Lutron is such an old school company, they evidently think that by limiting functionality it supports sales of products. Like you're going to move up to RA2 because of this. To me it's just dumb.

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Hello, I've been trying with no success. Have you been able to get your RA2 select system and lutron occupancy sensors to work with the motion control hubitat app? Any tips?