Lutron motion detectors supported? Other recommended motion detectors?

For the staff at Hubitat. and the community. I am setting up my house with many interior motion sensors. I am looking for the best to standardize on. Does Hubitat support Lutron motion sensors. All versions? They have had excellent reviews. Cost is not an issue. But I need them to be highly reliable and cover some distance. Let me know your thoughts on Lutron and what else you might recommend. Many thanks.

They are supported with Radio RA2 and Homeworks QS (and possibly commercial systems). However, they are not supported with RA2 Select (even though the sensor is the exact same), and the Caséta version, even though it looks exactly like one of these (but is a different model number), is also not supported. In both cases, its because Lutron chose not to expose events from the sensor over the telnet interface that Hubitat (and other systems) use to integrate with the Lutron bridge/repeater.


Aeotec SmartThings Motion Sensor, Zigbee, Magnetic Mounting, Works with Smart Home Hub and Compatible Zigbee Hubs
I use these. They directly integrate into HE and work very well for me.

NYCE sensors.

If cost isn't a concern I second the NYCE recommendation.

I love the one Nyce multi sensor that I have, but... and its a BIG UGLY BUTT, nothing compares to the Hue outdoor motion sensor. Its big and ugly but it is just so good. Its also the only motion sensor I have found that works outdoors (or in places with temperature fluctuations). Third choice for me is Third Reality. If you look at all 3 you will see a common factor, which is #1 for me. None of them use button/cell batteries. Just YUK to those!

Friends, thanks for your advice on this. Very helpful. Which version do I order. C4 or HA. I am relatively new to Hubitat so need to learn some of the basics. Also, do you recommend the ceiling version or the vertical version? I appreciate your support.

C4 is a different, proprietary protocol/hub (in the context of the NYCE sensors...not to be confused with the Hubitat C-4 :smiley:). You want the HA, which presumably is short for ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) 1.2, version of this sensor for use with Hubitat.