Lutron migration from C5 to C7

Hopefully this is a simple issue. I’m on a C5 hub and I’ve had my C7 sitting in a box for months. I finally got tired of waiting for the migration tool and I’m going to migrate everything manually. About 1/2 of my switches are Caseta and therefore I’m already set up on a Lutron Pro hub for which I ran the Lutron integration tool on HE. Is my move to the C7 as simple as deleting the Caseta devices in my C5 and then using the Lutron integration tool on the C7 to bring those devices into my C7? I know that directly connected devices must be excluded from C5, reset and then must be freshly included in the C7, but when you use a hub like Lutron Pro and the Hue bridge, do the devices actually pair with HE or do they only pair with the hub to make them appear in the HE list of devices? By the way, I’m not concerned about preserving my automations as I’m going to rebuild them on the C7. Thanks for any advice offered.

You don’t even need to delete them from the C5. Your Lutron Caseta Pro bridge can be integrated to multiple systems at the same time. Same with the Hue bridge.


For migrating everything, I just made a backup of the C-5 and restored it on the C-7. Bingo, the integrations were there and working on the C-7 for Lutron and Hue.

For the Z-Wave devices, I used Bruce’s migration procedure here:

I’ve only got about a dozen Z-Wave (all Plus except one), and half of those are just repeaters, so it was a quick migration.

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