Lutron Main Repeater Transfer Crashes Hub

Odd bug last night - I was pushing changes to my Lutron Main Repeaters (RadioRa2 2 Main Repeater setup) and just as the transfer completed, my hub crashed. Not sure if it was due to being bombarded by all of the telnet activity from the main repeaters coming back online or what. Just wanted to know if it was a known issue. Unfortunately, it was late at night and I didn't think to pull log screen shots and now it's no longer in the log to pull (though I do have a backup that I ran when things started getting weird - not sure if support could see the log in there). I have 67 devices in the integrator and about 170 on the Ra2 system in total.

Anyone else ever experience something similar?

Not here - I've done dozens of RR2 transfers over the years (always tweaking something) with no Hubitat problems.

So I just did it again and same thing. Here are the Logs - there are 2 tabs in the spreadsheet, the one tab is from the moment I hit "Transfer" in the Lutron Inclusive software until the hub crashed and rebooted. The second tab is from the reboot through everything working again. There doesn't appear to be anything warning of an impending crash immediately before it reboots itself.

I think I figured out the issue: I ended up having significant Lutron-related instability (not just on Ra2 transfers) and it seemed to involve HVAC stuff based on the logs. It seems that when I added a dimmer a couple of days ago, I accidentally chose the Integration ID of a thermostat rather than a dimmer, but of course, called it a 'd'. The same integration ID was already included as a 't'. We'll see if that makes things more stable and stops the crashing.

Edit: Nope, didn't fix it. It did fix my overall issues with random crashes for now, but doing a transfer still causes the c-7 to completely crash and I have to physically unplug it and plug it back in to get it back.

So I'm reviving this thread. @bravenel - any thoughts on what could cause a RadioRa2 transfer to crash my C-7? I have the Lutron Integration running on both my C-7 and my C-5 (though the C-7 has the vast majority of the actual devices configured), but only my C-7 crashes when I do a transfer - and it's every time I do a transfer. I'm not sure exactly what logs I should send to help figure it out, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated since something is clearly not right.

My RR2 setup has 2 main repeaters with 88 and 85 devices, respectively, so it's a relatively large RR2 system.

Perhaps try disabling the Lutron Telnet device before doing the transfer. I don't know what would cause the hub to crash. I do RA2 transfers with no problem.