Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 Connected Bulb Remote, anyone tried it?

Just remembered I have a Lutron 4-button zibgee remote gathering dust, just wondering if anyone's tried it with Hubitat, although admittedly I don't see it in the compatible devices list.

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It’s not zigbee iirc. It’s lutron’s 433 MHz mesh network. It’ll work with Hubitat through a lutron caseta smart bridge pro, or one of their higher end ra2 select or radioRA2 systems.

Product page for it … Lutron Connected Bulb Remote Model Numbers

Definitely Zigbee, not a Caseta/Pico product, originally intended for use directly with Zigbee bulbs.

I have one as well. Will try it tonight. I bought it primarily for resetting my Hue bulbs and I paired it to my Wink 2 Hub for no apparent reason.

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this device cannot be used as a button controller in hubitat, it is however very useful for resetting the vast majority of zigbee bulbs.


Keep one for resetting bulbs and sell the others on ebay if they’re just gathering dust. You can buy more Hubitat Elevations with the profits. :wink:

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lol, sadly(?) I only have the one.

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:joy: I was so exhausted yesterday. I misread your post as 4 Lutron connected bulb remotes. They are great to have. I own 6 of them.

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