Lutron lights missing

I setup the lutron app and integrator in Hubitat. When I go in the light rulers I can’t see them listed. They show in the integrator though.

Go the "Devices" page (accessible from the left menu on pretty much any page in Hubitat). Do you see the lights from Lutron in that list that you believe you integrated? If not, check the integration app again--maybe you missed something. That should add them as devices, and if they aren't there, that would explain why they're not in...whatever "light rulers" is. :slight_smile:

If they are there, what app are you using? (Simple Lighting or Motion Lighting are likely candidates. Rule Machine is a possibility but probably not where you should start.) They should show up if they have the correct drive (device type) assigned, which the integrator app shoudl do automatically.

Feel free to share a screenshot of the app you're looking at and where you're not seeing them if you think all of the above looks correct.

I deleted the lights and added them back in. Now I see them, thanks for your help.

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