Lutron Integration Rule Machine Improvement

Good day everyone,

I have a particular issue with the Lutron Integration with Rule Machine rules.

Currently I have to create a virtual switch in devices.

Then I have to create a rule in Rule Machine that keeps the state of a LED button in my Lutron Keypads on that previously created virtual switch when the Cabinet light is turned on and another when it turns off. That can be improve with a else statement kind of approach but that's another topic.

Then I have to create a Basic Rule that detects when my garage door to hallway (Garage door to house) opens to turn on the Cabinet lights only if the Cabinet lights are off, otherwise every time the Garage door to house is open the Cabinet lights will turn on once and turn off the other and so forth.

So what I am proposing is this but I am not sure if it is possible:

Create an option in Add optional restrictions that limit when this rule runs in a Basic Rule to check for a Lutron device LED value, so if the value is already on, do not run.

Right now restriction just supports the following:

  • Only between two times
  • Only on certain days of the week
  • Only when mode is
  • Only when illuminance is
  • Only when not disables by a switch (This is the one I am currently using but this could be simplified)

Or add a new capability for new condition under Rule Machine that allows to read Lutron Integration Button LED value.

My current solution works but it can get out of wack if there is a power outage or so and then things started acting up weird :slight_smile:

Please advise

Look at this thread. Lutron RA2 And Rules with a Keypad

I think it's simply due to lutron's design

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You can do this in RM with Custom Attribute. The device for the Custom Attribute is the Lutron keypad, and the specific attribute that shows up is "buttonLed-xx". It's state will be 'on' or 'off'.

Adding button LED to Basic Rules as a restriction could hardly count as being "basic".


Thank you so much to both of you.

My rule is working like a charm.

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