Lutron Integration-RadioRa2 GrafikEye Support

Hello, I'm really enjoying using Hubitat as my main central hub of all hubs. The one thing I'm missing is button events from the Lutron GrafikEye family. The integration for these devices starts on page 75 from the Lutron Integration Protocol GUIDE (040249).

Does anyone have any other ideas on how I could telnet the Main Repeater to see when any of these buttons are pressed?

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You can download PuTTY here

Open PuTTY and type the IP of your main repeater

Enter the login info below, and you will see every action in the telnet window.

I do not use GrafikEye, but my RRA2 Hybrid Keypads work great.

They should be in the HE Lutron integration as Keypads (pretty sure, just like HKs)

In RM treat them as a 'button device' not switches

Here is one of my Hybrid Keypad rules in RM.

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Thank you for the recommendation. I use KiTTy, but am looking for a way use this information from the hub and not my computer.

The problem is that the Component Numbers for Keypads (1-7 for buttons and 16-19 for lower and reaise) are different than for GrafikEyes (38-41, 44-47, 50-52, 56-58, 70-71, 76-77, and 83). These Comonent Numbers don't even include the LED status for scenes.

I would be happy to help with the source code if it is available on Git or somewhere similar.


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Now I understand what your after.

Cool offer, but I do not think that is possible. Hubitat is not open source and neither are any of the built in apps (Lutron included to the best of my knowledge).

The best we can do is tag @bravenel and ask Bruce if Lutron GrafikEyes support is on the HE road map?

If you could list out the LED on/off commands/numbers it might help the process along. Hybrid Keypad LED control was added several months back, so it should be possible. That's just my guess Bruce will know. However they are working on some bigger issues right now so you may need to hang tight.

Yes, this is directly supported. These are just Lutron Keypad devices.

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