Lutron Integration - Device type for new PD-15OUT-BL?

Have you all seen the PD-15OUT-BL? They are showing up at HD and Lowes on the website but not yet available ("Back-Ordered"). I am wondering what (if any) the integration will be - we don't have an "Outlet" device type in the Lutron Integrator, do we think it will work as a "Switch"?

I have several on order from Energy Avenue. It sounds like they may not ship until sometime next month (April 2021).


That would be my guess...

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Got a couple on order from HD - excited! Same backordered status, but estimated delivery mid next week. Not holding my breath for that, but it's a good sign they're finally hitting the retail websites.

It should work as a switch, I can't think of a reason to create a separate Lutron outlet device for it unless it supports power reporting, which i seriously doubt.


Are we sure that Lutron is going to expose this in their Telnet integration? They don't expose their motion sensors .... and given the price of these things, I'd love to know that before buying a couple.

I seriously can't image why they wouldn't, but you actually never know with these guys...


Exactly. My front and back yard would run me $160. I'm going to hold off until I'm sure!

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I think we will be fine with the switch since it's not a new device type for the caseta line.

The motion sensor was a new caseta device type, the RadioRA2 motion sensors are exposed and available...

Jeez, Lutron radio anything is certainly a rich man's sport aint it?, part of me wishes the stuff sucked...


Their documentation says it works with the Caseta Hubs (regular and pro) and names a few of the third-party integrations available (this was on Home Depot's site so I suppose it could be incorrect):

You can also add a Caseta Smart Bridge (sold separately) to unlock smart control of your Outdoor Smart Plug. The Plug works with Alexa, the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Ring, and more. Control the plug in a variety of ways, via your preferred voice assistant, the Lutron app, or a Pico remote (sold separately).

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I saw that. And I’m admittedly a pessimist, but AFAICT, those others aren’t telnet dependent.

Let us know what you learn when they come in.

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Absolutely will do!

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Works a treat! Finally got' em today after some FedEx delivery shenanigans.

Added them as a "Lutron Switch" and they integrate just fine.

Haven't actually hung them up yet (too rainy & muddy out today), but the overall integration process went as expected.


Energy Avenue has failed me. Still waiting for mine.
GREAT to hear the work as expected. Thanks!

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WHY... WHY did I click on this thread!? :eyes: lol There goes some more money! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: