Lutron Integration Bug with 2.0 Hub Firmware Update

It appears I also managed to break my Lutron integration in that I am unable to have new devices that I add through the Interactive configuration for my respective Lutron Pro hubs be included in the Device List. I have a feeling it is because I bounced back and forth between the Configuration List

When reviewing Settings for the respective integrations, at the top of the page I have a field with the Name:File and Type:Textarea with the relevant information that was converted over from the Interactive entries I made with the old hub firmware into the Configuration List. It appears these devices are what are being passed to the Hubitat devices page and nothing in the Interactive List that has been newly added and doesn't appear in this field, is now being included.

Unlike the previous Hubitat Firmware Version, it doesn't appear that the configuration list mode is available to turn on and off. I went back to the Interactive method and now don't see an option to go back to the configuration list mode (the slider that used to be turned on and off is just gone now) and also cannot see how I would delete the information/devices still attached to that field.

Is there some way to erase this text field and have it honor the Interactive devices? Can the previous behavior allowing us to switch between modes return? I would really prefer to not start back over with a new Lutron integration and am hesitant to try to roll back to a backup given this issue seemed to coincide with my upgrade to Firmware 2.0. Anything behind the scenes I could edit to make everything work again?

Thanks in advance.

Nothing was changed in this Lutron Integration in 2.0. It has never allowed you to go back to interactive mode once you change to use the configuration list. You should be able to add devices to the configuration list.

Could you show a screenshot of the Lutron Integration setup page?

That doesn't appear to be the case here. Here are a couple of screenshots. I can add devices through the interactive mode, but they don't appear in the main 'Devices' list and I can't get back to the configuration list though it appears as though the information is there as evidenced by one of the attached screenshots. It is possible it was a problem in the earlier firmware though I remember clicking the button on and off to see what the format was when first deciding how to add devices.

I don't know how you got it into that state. You had to have switched to configuration list for those devices to show up in the app status. It's not supposed to allow you to switch back from configuration list to interactive. Your turning it on and off may have created this problem.

You probably need to remove the integration and start over.

Removed the integration and started over as recommended. Very time consuming and for anyone that winds up in the same situation in the future, I feel for them as it involved hours to re-construct the device list (I have multiple Lutron hubs) and then re-attach all of the devices to various Motion and other automations. Would sure be nice if this wasn't allowed as I could see someone exploring what the various options do and ending up in the same situation.

I'm sorry this happened. Still trying to figure out how you got into that state so that it can be prevented in the future.

I have the exact same problem on two different Lutron pro bridges. I toggled the Use configuration list back and forth and now new devices added don't show up in the device list. Its easy to reproduce. just toggle it back and forth. Now I have to start over? That is a lot of work.

So, it should not be toggle back and forth! I will look into how to prevent you from doing this. You must pick one method. If you are going to use the configuration list, you may not got back to the other method. So once you set the switch to that method, DO NOT SWITCH IT BACK.

The next release will make this not possible to do. Once you switch to configuration list, the switch will vanish, and you can't go back.