Lutron Homeworks + Hubitat

Has anyone got Hubitat up and running with Lutron Honewkrks ?

Specifically interfacing with Pico remotes and control over circuits ?

I know RA2 is supported but not many references to homeworks …

I'm not @bravenel, and I only have RadioRA 2, but it should work as long as you have a Telnet login with lutron/integration credentials, where the capabilities overlap with RadioRA 2, and those devices have integration IDs. So basic functionality of dimmers and Picos should work. Double taps won't. See Page 4 for overlaps in devices.

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I believe the answer is yes, @bravenel may be able to confirm.

This should be fine, assuming that you deal with the Telnet login credentials (lutron, integration). Picos should work, as will most Homeworks devices. Homeworks has a few advanced commands that are not presently supported but could be. Shadegrp is one of those. Shades do work. As with other Lutron controllers, you would probably want to make sure the Homeworks QS Processor has a static IP address. This address is used to tie Hubitat and Homeworks together, communicating by Telnet.


Slight spanner in the works, I hear Lutron have started to no longer provide a telnet interface on the newer Homeworks kit, replacing it with LEAP. I hear it could be going away for RA2 as well.. is there any plans to look at integration via LEAP? Just considering my options - not sure that the Lutron tax stacks up if I could end up losing integration options with hubitat..

As I understand it, Homeworks QS is still being offered, and Homeworks QSX is latest in that product line. HW QS and RA2 continue to support Telnet.

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It's not clear (to me) whether they will limit the API access to "partners". This is the most communication that I've seen:

The Caséta bridge, RA2 Select, and QSX all use LEAP. That's why Lutron has been able to add the QSX to the same phone app that Caséta and RA2 Select use. I imagine that Lutron will release a new RadioRA 2 main repeater that uses LEAP. Some of the new products/integrations they've been releasing work with Caséta and RA2 Select but ignore RadioRA 2. Makes sense from a technical perspective, but not a marketing perspective.