Lutron Grafik Eye QS

Hi, I'm just waiting for my Hubitat to arrive and cant wait to get started. I have a combination of both Lutron Ra2 Select (Supported) and Lutron QS controlled via an QSE-NWK (Not Supported) and was wondering if anyone had written a driver for the NWK?
In general the protocol is virtually identical, and id be happy to try and create a driver but was hoping Hubitat would make their driver source code for RA2 Select that i could adapt as there is little point in reinventing the wheel.

See the PM I sent you. We should be able to get this to work...

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If you get anywhere with the NWK I'd be glad to test things. I've got one that I've long meant to use for their daylight sensors. Never got around to it.

We have this working, and it's in the latest beta release. It is now an option in the Lutron Telnet driver to have it talk to NWK instead of a main repeater. The rest of the integration works the same. So you create the integration (which will fail at first to connect), then edit the device preferences for the Lutron Telnet device, at which point it does connect and all is good.

Any tools available for automating the creation and updating of Ra2 devices? I've got waaaay too many to do it manually.

There's a whole dump available with all devices, scenes, modes and timeclock events:

Although not much help, it is a one time only job and it doesnt take too long.

I’m absolutely loving Hubitat, I finally have scenes that have hue devices properly integrated. Also starting to play around with double taps now I’m hoping to double tap off on the Grafik eye in the lounge and it turn off all of the home entertainment system.

I don't think our Lutron drivers support double tap. How are you including this device in the integration, what type? This could be added to the driver.

No, we don't yet. @Patrick wrote a small app that you can paste in a Caséta integration report to, and it spits out the text to go into the integration app. That text still needs a little editing because Lutron does not distinguish switches from dimmers. RA2 has this same issue, as you know. Perhaps we could come up with a similar small app that fetches the XML file from the main repeater, and does the same thing.

It's now possible to use a text file for defining the devices, instead of using the interactive step by step method.

Was planning to do it in RM with a timer but haven’t looked at it yet. Was just going to use they all off keypad button pressed twice within 3 seconds.

All I have done so far is to get the keypads in the rooms controlling the Lutron and Hue loads.

They differentiate which devices are which. The XML is a bit self-referential, but it's all in there. It is, of course, not documented publicly anywhere, but there's enough that depends on it to make it pretty reasonable to assume they're not going to dramatically screw with it.

As a side note, the LEDs on the keypads have behavior that changes based on what kind of scene is attached to them. Shared room toggles, shared scenes, path, etc. I've not seen a matrix laid out that explains it fully, but they definitely behave differently based on how the Ra2 software was used to set up a scene on them.

Yes, I am well aware of this, as is another of our RA2 users who integrates his Lutron scenes into Hubitat. We replicated this functionality in our Scenes app, that supports both toggles and shared scenes (in effect). The Scene activator device consists of both a switch and a button. The button works like a shared scene button, and the switch can be used like a toggle. Also, the activator switch state reflects the "scene activated" state that a Lutron keypad led shows for a shared scene -- only "lit" (on) if all devices are in the scene defined state.

Also, the Button Integrator app in the Lutron Integrators is specifically for use with RA2, and actually uses the LED events for synchronization. This app allows for using main repeater phantom scenes based on mode when activating from a keypad -- a feature Lutron is incapable of.

We need someone who is adept at XML parsing and knowledgable about RA2 to write the small app to translate this into the text that could be dropped into the Lutron Integration. I'm not XML conversant, to say the least.

Every time I open one of those DbXmlInfo files I keep thinking I'm going to brush up on my XSL skills... and hours later I wish I'd wasted it on watching cat videos instead.

Agreed, there's a bunch of cool stuff you can do with the Ra2 stuff that's not immediately obvious. Like using the timeclock to stop/start motion sensing. First glance, it's obviously good for night time use to avoid blinding anyone. But then if you use outside control you can go a step further and enable/disable it based on other factors, not just on event times. This way you can keep the scenes being used (for their fade/ramp effects) along with standalone operation. Granted, scenes on phantom buttons can likewise be triggered assuming the automation system is involved.

There's definitely more ways to 'skin the cat' than is always immediately obvious.

Actually playing with this more it would be really nice to have Double tap and Hold integrated in the driver.

Which driver are you talking about?

The Keypad Driver

OK, will look into it.

Hi guys, I have the same set up with the Grafik Eye QS (6-zone) and the QSE-NWK but my NWK has been factory reset so it doesn't see my grafik eye, I've been trying the integration commands but always sends an error. Is there anyone here who can point me in the right direction or give me examples to get this set up? Thanks

You will need to download the Lutron Integration Protocol documents and assign integration IDs to all of your Lutron devices. Once these are assigned you can then use them wiring hubitat. You also need to change the username in the NWK to match what is being sent by hubitat by default they don’t match.

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