Lutron Fan RA2 - issues

First thanks for adding the fan control.

Just tried the Lutron Fan.
I have RadioRA2 and when I add the device in the Lutron app it does not show up in the devices.
In addition for existing fans, ones I had set up as dimmers, if I go to edit the existing device Fan Control does not appear in the drop down menu.


Do you mean add to the Lutron mobile app? You will still need to add it to the Lutron Integration app with its integration id number.

For existing Lutron Dimmers, when you go to change the device type, this is what you should see:

No the new fan support for the lutron integration app in habitat

As well as the existing device in the post below.

I added “Julian fan” that doesn’t show in device at all.

Please show the app status page for Lutron Integration app.

I’ve seen this before and we figured out some steps to correct it. I’m out right now and not able to check. Make sure you have a backup of your database. Later, I will dig into a solution for you.