Lutron Fan Control - Controls not Available in Alexa

I have a Lutron Fan Controller which, I was just thinking I should get more of to replace my pathetic and unsupported Leviton VIZIA RF switches, when I suddenly noticed that I've got no control over the Lutron Fan in my Alexa App. I can only turn it on and off in the Alexa app, but I don't have speed control there, unlike with my other fan devices.

Now, to clarify, I do have control in Hubitat (both within device and dashboards pages) and also I can control the Fan speed by issuing a verbal command to Alexa. I made the sure the IP address for the Lutron bridge is identical to the IP address given to Hubitat within the Lutron App. I also made sure that the device driver for the Lutron fan controller in Hubitat is "Lutron Fan Control."

So what gives with this? It's not super problematic, but it's kind of annoying. Has anyone else had this sort of problem? I wanted to replace my 8 other Leviton fan controllers with Lutron but after seeing this glitch, I'm wondering if it's a sign of more weirdness to come.