Lutron Electronics Brings a New Caseta Fan Remote Control to CES 2019





The fan control is expected to retail around $80 and the Pico remote at $42.

Eek! Quite a steep increase for something that's the exact same as the $12 Picos except it's engraved with a fan instead of a light bulb. (Of, course, I'm looking at that from the Hubitat perspective here. Will the Lutron app let you use a Pico for any purpose, regardless of the engraving, like Hubitat?)

Not that the hardwired switch is cheap, either (almost twice as much as the GE Z-Wave fan speed switch, the only one I see mentioned often around here), but not quite as outrageous for a hard-wired Clear Connect product. Would we be so lucky as for that to be a kit that also includes a Pico like they make fro the dimmers that costs only a bit less?


Generally, this has been true. You can even order custom engraving for a Pico. Sonos has a Pico, and there are shades-engraved Picos. But, they are all just Picos.