Lutron Dimmer SetLevel() Exception in Motion Lighting actions

I set-up a motion light app to set a lutron dimmer to certain level, but got the following errors from log. It looks like there are two overloaded setLevel() exposed from a lutron dimmer, and the app cannot figure out which method to invoke.

Can you do a screen shot of the rule?

Hmm, somehow I cannot reproduce it anymore... It now works fine :sweat_smile: Here is the screen shot.

That log of setting dimmer level to null is suspicious. Now the log shows it sets the level to 75. Oh, would it be because I tested in the 'day' mode, which won't trigger the turn on in theory, so a null is passed in which confuses the method selection?

Let me remove the evening mode and see if I can reproduce it.

I think you found the issue. Glad I could help. :rofl: