Lutron dimmer not found by Google home via hubitat

I have One Lutron light and three pico remotes on a lutron bridge pro.
They all operate from Hubitat as expected.
Google home finds all the Z-wave switches on Hubitat but not the dimmer via the Lutron bridge. What am I missing?

Why not just hook up Google Home to Lutron directly? Skip the additional middle man.

Probably shouldn't butt in where I haven't tried something.

Does Google work the same way as Alexa where you first have to add a device in Hubitat's Google integration app. Then it should just (theoretically) be auto-magically discovered by Google.

In Alexa there are times where I have had to run a manual discovery (in Alexa) to refresh the device list from Hubitat. Is there such a command in Google?

And as a quick edit, are you using the Hubitat built-in Google integration?

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Yes, once in the Google Home app, you just 'pull down' to refresh. It's a good thing to do whenever adding devices to the Google Home app in Hubitat.


Yes, I have the built in google app and it works for the direct z-wave devices.
After reading your post I went back and looked closer at the google app and it does not have the lutron bridge devices listed. I don’t see any way to add them.

Ok almost there, it now shows un in the google app and I checked the box to add it to the integration list!
Went back to google home and search for new and it finds it and can control it, dim and all!
Still getting google assistant to see it but I think I’ll get there now.

Thanks for all the help and pointers.