Lutron dimmer driver "use last level for on" not working correctly in

Lutron dimmers are not turning on to the last level when the "Use Last Level for on?" is set to true and the dimmer level has been set via the physical device. If you set a level using the "Set Level" input on the device page then that level will be used for a "Last Level for on" level.

Lutron Caseta dimmers come on at 100% when physically turned on no matter what you do, the Caseta dimmers do not have any interface for presetting a dimmer level.
If you get the ELV or Pro dimmer you can set the center button to whatever level you want and use that to turn the dimmer on.

I'm using RadioRA 2, not Caséta. The driver displays the level correctly when off, but doesn't set it back to that level. It worked in previous builds. I can't/wouldn't use Caséta partly because of that 100% on "feature".

OK, let me track this down.

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We will fix this, an oversight...


@bill.d wich dimmers do you have? I have a couple of old Caseta's and we always use the Pico remotes, not the switches. I'd love to have a switch that remembers the dimmer setting and still works with the Pico. I'm not finding much online but that may be because Lutron is moving from RadioRA 2 to RadioRA 3.

I use RadioRA 2 and won't have any reason to move to RadioRA 3 based on the announced products. RadioRA 3 isn't compatible with Hubitat (yet) as the method of integration for RadioRA 2 is not available on RadioRA 3.

There are a few dimmers available. The RRD-PRO is capable of dimming both MLV and ELV loads and is neutral optional. The RRD-6ND is a MLV and neutral required dimmer. There's a 10ND as well, but it is only needed for large incandescent loads. The 6ND is cheaper and is compatible with most retrofit scenarios as long as you have a neutral wire. All of these are compatible with both RadioRA 2 and 3.

If you're just changing out a couple devices then eBay is a good source. If you're buying a lot, you'll be better off getting quotes from dealers, local and on line. You should expect a discount from MSRP.

This is the full RadioRA 2 product line.

Thanks Bill. I saw the ELV but it's not what I need and it's pricey. Looks like I'm off to eBay!

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