Lutron device IDs changes now scenes are broken

One of my lutron wall switches needed to be factory reset, when I re-added it, it added back with the same ID, I think this was just by chance...

However one of my other lights that I didn't do anything switched from ID 9 to ID 10. I first tried to go in and edit the ID of the existing device, but it wouldn't respond, So I deleted that device when into the lutron integration, and edited the line item for that light to change its ID and make sure the Name was right.

I went to the device and it responds to commands on its device page.

However now when I went to update my scenes to the correct device I get this error

Log from Scenes Apps
app:9682020-06-05 10:06:43.357 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'displayName' on null object on line 142 (adjustPage)

Do I have to recreate all my scenes from scratch now? I can't access the device list of scene that includes this light without getting this error.

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