Lutron custom commands

Using Button Controllers or Rule Machine, I can't seem to find a way to use a button press (or other trigger) to send a custom Lutron command string.

Do I need to use another app or custom driver?

I have never tried sending a custom Lutron command to the Lutron hub...but here is how I would attempt to do so via Rule Machine’s “Custom Command” action.

Looks like it would do the trick. The “Lutron Telnet” device is automatically created by the Lutron Integration App.

Awesome thanks so much! I guess I tried everything except Actuators.

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What are you using the custom commands for?

I'm using RA2 keypads but I need the Pico functionality where it stops the shade when you press any button while the shade is moving.


Telnet works perfectly but I'm getting a weird error message when using Button Controller to set shade levels. It works normally when I use a dashboard to set the level.

Tagging @bravenel as both Button Controller and Lutron integrations are his expertise!

That's a bug, some vestigial code that needs to be removed. You can get around this by using Rule Machine's button controller -- select Trigger Event 'Button device'.

Or just use a simple Button trigger in RM for that one button's action.

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Changing the device to a dimmer with no ramp works in BC as well.

Sorry one more, I'm trying to have the keypad button LEDs turn on and off based on preset levels of a shade. So let's say button 7 LED turns on at 50%, but also turns off if the level's changed (and the off command is not sent hundreds of times whenever the trigger is met).

Is this possible to do in one rule per button? I've been messing with it for about an hour and I can't figure out the right rule combination to achieve that.

Any ideas if this rule is possible?