Lutron connected bulb remotes (zigbee) for sale (new allegedly)

Guy I got them from SAYS they’re brand new, they look brand new. Willing to test or take extra pictures. I have a Hubitat, hue hub, home assistant and homebridge so just let me know. They all have adapt plates as well.
2 for $100 plus $10, 2 day Usps mail. I’d prefer cash app because I’d really like to actually make $50 on these but I’ll do PayPal if you’d cover the fees. I have 15 total if you want to make an offer.

Why are those so expensive when Pico's are like $15 a piece and seem to have more functions. I get that is is Zigbee versus Clear Connect, but unless you are only getting like one or two of these, doesn't a caseta hub + Pico's just make more sense? Maybe if you are just trying to have as few hubs as possible, like a Hue only household? But still it seems crazy expensive to me, like the hue remotes aren't even that expensive lol.

And this isn't a jab at your or your pricing, I looked up the MSRP for them and you are providing a good deal based on that.

They’re no longer in production, and they were probably marketed to people that use zigbee ecosystems like Hue.


Yeah that is the ONLY thing I can think of that would make any sense, but at the same time, Hue Remotes are $25 a piece.

Well I have 17, I’m keeping 2. Here’s MY reasoning

  1. Every other hue solution isn’t aesthetically pleasing IMO. And the picos don’t work as fast and require 3 points to bE up. It’s my problem but it seems like my Hubitat or lutron or hue goes out once per week.

  2. My wifi goes out sometimes. I plan on using zigbee to restart the router

And the remotes don’t fit most decors. They stick out and are plastic looking.

Also, picos seem all around better to us now that we’re set up but a lutron pro with 2 picos with plates are $200+ and if your main reason is hue your missing out

No I get that and you COULD get it cheaper, for instance my Lutron pro + 2 Pico's would be $70, but yeah that is retail. And at retail and as long as you need less than 4 remotes, then these zigbee remotes are fine, but that seems like a very small subset of people with that specific requirement.

You’re correct. They really only make sense to me where you have hue ceiling lighting. The hue api through Hubitat and such doesn’t play nice with adaptive lighting so these make sense. I’m not just saying this because I’m selling, I was recently willing to pay $100 a pop to finish my living room. I have 6 in ceiling hue lights that change color temperature based on time. You can’t use picos and the hue dimmers aren’t a pretty sight for the main entrance.

What happens, I think, is the hue api has to set a color then it changes to the adaptive light color. It flashes real quick

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