Lutron Caseta troubleshooting

I only have a handful of devices on my caseta. One plugin dimmer as a repeater, a couple fan controls, and a handful of pico's.

The Dimmer just quit responding to wireless commands. Even from the lutron app itself. Power cycled it and the bridge, no change. It works with the buttons on it though.

Does Caseta warn you if a device falls off or quits responding?

I need to bring it into the room with my bridge and re-test but didn't get a chance yet. Figured it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone has run into anything similar.

I would bring the hub close to the bridge and see if it starts working. If it doesn't I would then factory reset the switch and re add it to the pro 2 hub (it will say it already exists just hit ok) and the test it. If that doesn't work I would contact Lutron for a replacement. I've never seen one bug out like that before


Lutron app does not let you know if a device is having an issue. You can cut power to the device by pulling a tab at the bottom of the device to reset it (not factor reset). If that does not work; remove the device from the Lutron app and re-install it. You may have to factory reset it and Lutron will instruct you on how to do that when you try to re-install; if needed. If that does not work then the Dimmer needs to be replaced.


Easy enough. I'll give it a go tonight.

I don't believe the plug in dimmers have the tab you can pull to cut the power.

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If it is the plug in dimmer that has the issue then you are correct. Just unplug it and plug it back in.


On a couple of occasions (not related to this) I've simply factory reset the dimmer or switch and readded it, the app says it was previously paired and worked fine.


Me too.

Well I was going to do this last night but apparently it started working again because the wife had that lamp on. She thought I fixed it.

So I turned it on and off a few times and was fine. Go to turn it off when we went to bed and the dang thing won't turn back off.

I'm skeptical if it's a signal issue, I have pico remotes further away in the house from the bridge than it and they work fine.

Lots of things to take into account though,. Metal boxes, what's in the walls, etc etc... I would still for giggles move the lutron hub closer to that switch and see how it behaves.

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